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揭秘英国女王的圣诞卡祝福语 2008-12-24
Ever wonder what Britain's royal family write on their Christmas cards? Australian Tim Kelly knows, as he receives one from the Queen every year.  
美国:2008年度十大最愚蠢圣诞礼物出炉 2008-12-05
美国某网站公布了第二届年度“十大最愚蠢节日礼物”排行榜,奥巴马“Yes,We Can”开瓶器上榜。十大愚蠢礼物(图)  
全球变暖加剧 白色圣诞成奢望 2008-12-24
The odds of a "white Christmas" in temperate parts of the northern hemisphere have diminished in the last century due to climate change.  
英老师称圣诞老人不存在 引学生大哭 2008-12-18

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