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1. 支付条件(Terms of payment)

(1) Our usual method of payment is by confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit available by draft at sight for the full amount of the contracted goods to be established in our favor through a bank acceptable to the sellers.

(2) For payment, we require a 100% value, confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit with partial shipment and transshipment allowed clause, available by draft at sight, payable against surrendering the full set of shipping documents to the negotiating bank here.

(3) The letter of credit should be established with its clauses in confirmation with the terms and conditions of the contract.

(4) We usually accept payment by L/C at sight draft or by T/T in advance, but never by C.O.D.

2. 催开信用证(Pressing for L/C)

(1) As the goods against your order No.111 have been ready for shipment for quite some time, it is imperative that you take immediate action to have the covering credit established as soon as possible.

(2) We repeatedly requested you by fax to expedite the opening of the relative letter of credit so that we might effect shipment for the above mentioned order, but after the lapse of three months, we have not yet received the covering L/C.

(3) We hope that you will take commercial reputation into account in all seriousness and open L/C at once, otherwise you will be responsible for all the losses arising thereof.

(4) The shipment time for your order is approaching, but we have not yet received the covering L/C. Pls do your utmost to expedite the same to reach here before the end of this month so that shipment may be effected without delay.

3. 修改信用证 (Amendment to L/C)

(1) Pls amend the foregoing L/C to read piece length in 30 yards instead of 40 yards.

(2) We would draw your attention to the fact that the construction of our Art.No.3100S is 32X32 78X65 whereas your credit calls for 30X30 78X65. Therefore you are requested to amend the credit according to the stipulation of the contract.
我们提请贵方注意,我方坯布的规格为32X32 78X65,而贵方信用证却规定30X30 78X65,故请按照合约规定修改信用证。

(3) Pls extend the shipment date and the validity of your L/C No.111 to the end of Jan. and Feb.15,2006 respectively, and see to it that the amendment advice will reach us before the end of Dec.2005.

(4) We have received your L/C No.111 covering the above -mentioned contract. But on checking up its clauses, we find that it calls for shipment to be effected no later than Nov.10,2005,whereas the contract stipulates shipment Dec.2005.Pls extend the shipment date to the Dec.15th 2005 and validity to the 31st of Dec.

(5) We find that the amount of your L/C is insufficient, because the premiums for Dark and Special colors are not included therein. Therefore, please increase the amount of the L/C to $56,800.00.

(6) Please amend the L/C to read "Partial shipments and transshipment allowed".

4. 特殊情况下的付款方式(Special arrangement for payment)
(1) As requested in your fax of Dec.2,2005, shipment of 20,000yds will be effected under guarantee in the absence of the L/C amendment. Please, therefore, honor the draft accordingly.

(2) As our records reveal that the proceeds of our shipment of Modelon Suiting in 20,000yds are not yet received, please press your buyers to instruct their bank to effect payment immediately.

(3) On our book, there is still a small balance of $648 open against you. There is no doubt that is must have been overlooked by you, and we expect a cheque from you soon in settlement of this account.

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