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Bollywood bridal wear 宝莱坞新娘婚纱




Bollywood bridal wear 宝莱坞新娘婚纱


与 “high-end fashion 高端时尚” 有关的词汇


How have Indian designers closed the gap for many who want a duplicate or replica? 


Luxury Indian bridal wear has never been more in demand.


Thousands of British Asians filled a swanky Mayfair hotel to meet the men and women behind the designs, and to discuss the possibility of wearing something similar to the stars.


Sabyasachi Mukherjee, fashion designer
The last four months or five months has been real chaotic because, you know, we did Deepika Padukone’s wedding, and after that came Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding. Bollywood and fashion has worked together many, many times to create fashion awareness. A lot of people at the grassroot(s) level of benefit from it. Artisans, a lot of weavers, a lot of embroiderers, beaders, get a lot of job(s) done and I think that's exciting.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee 时装设计师

Aashni Shah Doshi, event organiser, Aashni + Co Wedding Show
I know people keep talking about Brexit. I haven't seen any down fall in people's spending for couture at all. A lot of the Indian designers have closed the gap for someone who wants to buy a duplicate or a replica as opposed to theirs because they have gone down on their pricing.

Aashni Shah Doshi  Aashni + Co Wedding Show公司 活动组织人

But it's not just affordability that's changed. It's also an increase in access; whether that be in person or on the internet.


Anita Dongre, fashion designer
The moment a celebrity wears you, within minutes, everyone gets to know – and I mean within minutes, we get requests on our Instagram, requests on the email. I think it's amazing that social media today connects you to the consumer directly with no time lost at all.

Anita Dongre 服装设计师
“只要有一位名人穿着你设计的服装,在几分钟内,所有人就都知道了,我是说在几分钟内,我们则会在 Instagram、在电子邮件上收到购买请求。我觉得非常好的是,现在的社交媒体能让我们和消费者直接联系,一点时间都没有浪费。”

The brides-to-be spent a fortune at the show with designers tailoring hundreds of off-the-rack pieces for British Asians wanting that extra bit of glamour for their big day.



luxury 昂贵的,奢侈的

in demand 需求旺盛

swanky 时尚、豪华的

off-the-rack 成衣

glamour 魅力


The name 'Bollywood' is a portmanteau of 'Bombay', a city in India, and 'Hollywood', where most American movies are made.

“Bollywood 宝莱坞” 是印度城市 “Bombay 孟买” 和美国电影中心 “Hollywood 好莱坞” 的合成词。


Indian designers have gone down on their pricing.




Take up 开始参与新活动


Order a takeaway 订外卖

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