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Electrifying Africa 让非洲全面通电



Electrifying Africa 让非洲全面通电


有关 “Environmentalism 环境保护” 的词汇


What does an electric vehicle in the savannah help people see?


Sneaking up on a rare black rhino has never been easier. An electric car can negotiate the savannah in silence. But improving the chances of seeing the 'Big Five'" is just the beginning for the Swedish start-up company that's set its sights much wider.
偷偷地接近一头稀有的黑犀牛从来没有这么容易过。一辆电动汽车可以无声无息地驶过大草原。但对于这家将目光投向更广阔领域的瑞典初创公司来说,提高人们看到 “非洲五霸” 的机会只是一个开始。

Filip Gardler, Opibus co-founder
Safari vehicles was a perfect entry market, more or less, to enter. They had the need of the tourists visiting having high requirements on sustainability.

菲利普·嘉德勒                    Opibus 创始人

Filip Lovstrom, Opibus co-founder
All across the world, we have 1.1 billion vehicles, so why should we replace all of those with the new electric cars when we instead, can convert them?

菲利普·勒夫斯特伦            Opibus 联合创始人

But these are the big prize. Converting Nairobi's Matatu mass-transport minibuses to electric would have a huge impact… and there's currently a surplus of electricity here.

But a huge number of Kenyans are not on the national grid and so are turning to small-scale solutions.

Leah pays a dollar a day for her solar system and can now charge her phone, her torch and watch TV. And having light at night means Samuel can do his homework.

That's what Ethiopia's trying to do by building this vast dam across the Blue Nile.

And the waters of the Congo River could power Africa. There are multi-billion dollar plans to extend this Inga project, but miles from any industry it will need to build power lines too.

Erik Granskog, renewable energy consultant
So, the future of power in Africa is going to be a patchwork, between residential solar, distributed generation, mini-grids and there will be large hydroelectric dams.

埃里克·格兰斯科格            可再生能源顾问

Small and silent steps could be the best way to electrify Africa. And like mobile phone technology, leapfrog the need for vast power grids spanning the continent.


sustainability 可持续性

convert (使)转变,改造

surplus 剩余

small-scale 小规模的

solar system 太阳能发电系统


It helps them see the 'Big Five' – lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and Cape buffalo.



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