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游客太多不堪重负  荷兰不再推广旅游 'We must act now': Netherlands tries to control tourism boom

中国日报网 2019-05-09 14:06



Two Cruise Ships At Wilhelminakade On Apr. 29 2019 In Rotterdam The Netherlands.

Dutch tourism bosses will try to limit the number of foreign visitors as the land of tulips and windmills complains of overcrowding.


Arguing that 'more is not always better', the Netherlands will stop promoting tourism and switch its strategy to 'destination management'.


Some 18 million people visited the Netherlands in 2017 - more than the country's population - and the number is set to grow to 29 million by 2030.


Overcrowding in tourist hotspots, especially Amsterdam, could reduce the quality of life for local residents and turn them against foreign visitors, officials have warned.


Calling for 'quality tourists' who 'add value and don't cause a nuisance', the tourist board has urged a policy of 'develop and discourage' to stop attracting undesirable groups.




The Netherlands Lisse.

Among the measures under consideration is a tourist tax similar to that in some destinations in Spain and Italy.


Local authorities are also urged to consider closing certain attractions which are popular with undesirable tourists.


'Too often, the interests of the local population have been considered of lesser importance in developing tourism,' the tourist board said.


'In order for Holland to be developed in a future-proof way, we must opt for activities that contribute to the shared interests of these groups.


'Particularly in cities and iconic locations, excessive pressure may impact livability, whereas other places in Holland still benefit insufficiently from the opportunities and economic impulse that tourism may provide.


'To control visitor flow and leverage the opportunities that tourism brings with it, we must act now.


'Instead of destination promotion, it is now time for destination management.'


In its 2018 forecast the tourist board said German, Belgian and British visitors would make up the largest group of visitors.


American, French and Italian tourists were the next three largest groups.


In recent years more than a third of incoming tourists stayed in the 'hotspot' of Amsterdam, long popular for its nightlife, museums and liberal drugs laws.


'We want to draw different visitors to different places in Holland, where possible at different times,' tourist officials have said.


'By distributing future visitors more evenly across Holland, more regions and locals will benefit from the value of visits.'


Amsterdam, home to 1.1 million people, attracts more than 17 million visitors a year when including day-trippers and Dutch locals.


day-tripper ['dei,tripə]:n.一日游者


But, in a sign that the problem is not getting people into the city but managing the crowds, the city’s Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum are breaking from attending a major US travel convention at the end of the year.

In a symbolic move last year, an enormous sculpture spelling out “Iamsterdam” was also removed from the square in front of the Rijksmuseum.

The local municipality is also seeking to halt the growth of hotels, souvenir shops, ticket sales outlets and cheese shops. Schiphol airport’s capacity is to be capped and passenger vessels are to be moved out of the city’s center.

Tourism earns the Dutch economy €82bn and in 2018 accounted for about 761,000 jobs – one in 13 jobs in the Netherlands – but there is also concern over the environmental cost.


The tourist board in the bulb region of the Netherlands has had to start fencing in fields of tulips due to damage created by the scourge of selfie-seeking tourists.






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