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小测验 — 过去完成时和过去完成进行时


英语中的 “过去完成时 past perfect simple” 表示事情在过去的某个时间点之前已经发生,它的基本结构是 “had + done”。比如,表示 “在这本书登上畅销排行榜之前,我就读过了。”,就可以说:I had read the book before it became a best-seller.

“过去完成进行时 past perfect continuous” 表示在过去的一个时间点之前持续发生的动作或事情,基本结构是 “had been + doing”。比如,下面这句话的意思是:在这部电视剧被 “砍” 之前,我已经连续看了几周了。I had been watching this TV series for weeks before it got cancelled.


1. The fans were angry because the band ______ the concert five minutes before it was due to start.

a) would have cancelled

b) cancelling

c) had cancelled

d) had been cancelling

2. By the time Chen finished his apprenticeship, he ______ in Bangkok for two years.

a) had been being

b) had been

c) was

d) was being

3. I ______ the races for years before I finally won!

a) had entered

b) entered

c) was entering

d) had been entering

4. She ______ of working in the Shanghai office when suddenly she was offered a transfer to Shanghai by her boss.

a) will have dreamed

b) dream

c) had been dreaming

d) had dreamed

5. The players ______ for 20 minutes by the time we arrived at the tennis match.

a) were played

b) had been playing

c) played

d) had played

6. Police ______ the missing man on an island in the South Pacific.

a) were finding

b) find

c) had been finding

d) had found

7. By 1994 the band ______ the top of the charts with a number one hit.

a) has reached

b) had reached

c) had been reaching

d) has been reached

8. He ______ for three years before he finally got published.

a) had written

b) will have been writing

c) had been writing

d) writes


1) c, 2) b, 3) d, 4) c, 5) b, 6) d, 7) b, 8) c.

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