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小测验 — 表现在或未来情况的虚拟条件句



英语中的 “第二类条件句 second conditional” 表示与现在或未来事实相反的假定情况,属于虚拟条件句,又称作 “非真实条件句”。在这类句子中,从句的谓语动词大多是过去时;主句中的谓语动词使用 “would/could/should/might” + 动词原型,或 “were to do” 句型。如何用非真实条件句表示 “如果我是你,我就……”、“要是……就好了”?活学活用,做下面的八道题,加深理解,巩固记忆。

1. I wish my boss _______ me promotion.

a) will give

b) will have given

c) would've gave

d) would give

2. If I _______ more time, I would learn another language.

a) have

b) will have

c) had

d) would have

3. I'd retrain and get some new skills if I _______ you.

a) is

b) were

c) am

d) would be

4. This party is so boring. If only I _______ at home watching TV.

a) was

b) would be

c) would've been

d) can go

5. If we _______ invent a drug to stop anger, the world would be a peaceful place.

a) can

b) should

c) would

d) could

6. If I _______ to Buenos Aires, I'd definitely go tango dancing!

a) go

b) went

c) would go

d) will go

7. If we _______ our car usage in all countries, we could decrease the impact of global warming.

a) reduced

b) will reduce

c) would reduce

d) will have reduced

8. Which of the following sentences is NOT a second conditional sentence?

a) The dogs would be a lot happier, if we lived in the country.

b) If you read more, you will improve your vocabulary.

c) Would you accept promotion to manager if they offered it to you?

d) If I won the lottery, I would quit my job.


1) d, 2) c, 3) b, 4) a, 5) d, 6) b, 7) a, 8) b.


小测验 — 英语真实条件句


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