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Roller-skating making a comeback 轮滑运动再度流行 掀起健身新风尚



Roller-skating making a comeback 轮滑运动再度流行 掀起健身新风尚


有关 “new hobbies(新爱好)” 的词汇


How many views did Oumi Janta get for her roller-skating video?


From total beginners, to making a career out of it.


The challenge, the joy and the frustration: as plotted on social media by newly qualified doctor and new skater, Kelsey Loveday.


Kelsey Loveday, Roller-skater
This is a hobby that gets me out. Moving my body, getting all those feel-good endorphins of active exercise – so I can almost switch off my medical brain, skate around and just let the, sort of, trauma of the pandemic and what I deal with at work, just glide away.

凯尔西·洛夫迪     轮滑者

Roller-skating Google searches doubled in recent months. Thanks, in part, to viral skaters like Oumi Janta from Berlin. Last June, she posted this.

最近几个月,关键词 “轮滑” 在谷歌上的搜索量翻了一番。这在一定程度上要感谢像来自柏林的乌米·詹塔这样的人气溜冰者。去年六月,她发布了这段视频。

Almost three million views later, she's given up her job and made freestyle roller-skating her career.


Oumi Janta, Freestyle roller-skater
Everything is… has no importance any more when it comes to skating, so you don't think about work, you don't think about money or whatever – you just skate. So this moment has such more [so much] power, it’s just that moment is you and skating. It's amazing.

乌米·詹塔     自由式轮滑者

But it's not just a millennial craze. For Mel Blackwood, a small business at home in Leeds with skate lessons from the kitchen, is now a full-time job with a shop and staff.


Mel Blackwood, Roller Girl Gang
This time last year, we had a great week if we sold two or three pairs of skates, and now we can be doing ten pairs a day. We're finding our customers are often in their mid to late thirties, forties and beyond. And they're coming and saying, “I used to do this as a child, but I've decided life's too short, and I want to have another go.”

梅尔·布莱克伍德     轮滑女孩帮公司(Roller Girl Gang)
“去年的这个时候,如果我们一周能卖出了两到三双轮滑鞋,那一周的生意就算很好了,而现在我们一天就能卖出十双轮滑鞋。我们顾客的年龄段通常在35岁以上,40岁、甚至更大。常有顾客来店里说:‘我小时候经常玩轮滑,但现在我觉得人生太短暂,要活在当下,所以我想再试着玩一次。’ ”

Huge demand for some brands of skate now means long waiting lists. The freedom of roller-skating has captivated so many in these restricted months.



challenge 挑战,考验

switch off 不再考虑,停下来不想

craze 流行热潮,流行风尚

life's too short 人生短暂,要活在当下

captivated 吸引了,迷住了


Oumi Janta's roller-skating video got almost three million views.



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