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6月不可错过的精彩新片 Four films to watch this June

中国日报网 2021-05-31 16:12




(Credit: Sony Pictures)


Peter Rabbit 2《比得兔2:逃跑计划》

Critics weren't too keen on 2018's Peter Rabbit, a blend of live-action and animation that owed less to Beatrix Potter's charming picture books than to the slapstick violence of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. But audiences were more enthusiastic, so here is the inevitable sequel, featuring Rose Byrne and Domhnall Gleeson as (live-action) newlyweds, and James Corden as the (animated) rabbit who has agreed to stop stealing their vegetables. And this time, even the critics are happy with it. "Considerably better than Peter's 2018 outing," says Sarah Cartland at Caution Spoilers, "[the film is] colourful and visually engaging, and the comic timing is impeccable."

评论界对于2018年的《比得兔》评价不太高,这部真人动画电影与其说改编自毕翠克丝·波特的可爱图画书,不如说改编自滑稽暴力卡通片《兔八哥》。但是观众对《比得兔》却相当买账,因此续集也就不可避免了。罗丝·伯恩和多姆纳尔·格里森在《比得兔2》中饰演新婚夫妇,詹姆斯·柯登为动画人物比得兔配音。在续集中,比得兔同意不再偷这对夫妇的蔬菜。这一次,连评论界都很满意。莎拉·卡特兰德在电影网站Caution Spoilers上写道:“新片比2018年的《比得兔》要好得多,不仅色彩鲜艳、视觉效果突出,搞笑时机的把控也是无懈可击。”


Released on 9 June in the Netherlands, 10 June in Denmark and 18 June in the US and Canada




(Credit: Universal Pictures)


F9 / Fast & Furious 9《速度与激情9》

Vin Diesel is back as Dominic Toretto in the tenth Fast & Furious blockbuster (if you include spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw), and this time the villain is ... his own long-lost brother (John Cena)! Yes, even though Dom has been droning on about the importance of family for the last half-dozen instalments of the series, it turns out that he had a brother he never mentioned all along. Still, it's this heroic disregard for logic and plausibility that makes the Fast & Furious franchise so much fun. The first film was a low-budget cop thriller about illegal street racers, but the sequels have grown bigger and sillier every time. F9 (in the US) or Fast & Furious 9 (in the UK) is a global cyber-spy extravaganza boasting appearances by Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Kurt Russell and a car that flies into space. "F9 makes the cars go fast, jump high, and generally do the impossible. It's exhilaratingly ridiculous, yes, but it's also ridiculously exhilarating." says Alonso Duralde in The Wrap.

范·迪塞尔回归《速度与激情》系列第十部电影(如果将衍生作品《霍布斯与肖》算在内),继续饰演多米尼克·托雷托。这一次的反派是多米尼克失散多年的弟弟(约翰·塞纳饰演)。没错,尽管多米尼克(多姆)在过去几部中一直大谈特谈家庭的重要性,结果他居然有一个自始至终从未提及的亲弟弟。不过,正是这种无视逻辑和合理性的壮举,《速度与激情》系列才会如此有趣。第一部《速度与激情》是关于非法街头赛车手的低成本警察惊悚片,但是续集一部比一部拍得更盛大也更荒唐。《速度与激情9》是一部由查理兹·塞隆、海伦·米伦、库尔特·拉塞尔出演的全球网络间谍大片,还有一辆可以飞向太空的汽车。阿伦索·杜拉尔德在好莱坞媒体The Wrap上写道:“《速度与激情9》中的汽车跑得快、跳得高,而且往往做的都是不可能的事。这部电影的确荒谬可笑,但也非常激动人心。”


Released on 24 June in the UK and Ireland, and 25 June in the US and Canada




(Credit: Warner Bros)


Dream Horse《梦马》

Jan Vokes (Toni Collette) runs a shop in a small, deprived town in Wales. Business is slow, so when she overhears an accountant (Damian Lewis) discussing how profitable horse-racing can be, she has the sort of idea that British comedy dramas are made of. She will form a syndicate with her friends, and together they will use what little cash they have to breed and train a racehorse of their own. Can these plucky newcomers compete with the tycoons who dominate the sport? It may sound far-fetched, but Dream Horse is based on a true story that has already been the subject of a hit documentary. "Beautifully shot and packed with snappy, well-played characters," says Rich Cline at Shadows on the Wall, "it's a warm and engaging tale that will appeal to anyone who has struggled to hold on to a dream".

扬·沃克斯(托妮·科莱特饰演)在威尔士的一个贫穷小镇经营一家商店。生意很惨淡,但是当她无意中听到会计(戴米恩·路易斯饰演)在谈论赛马有利可图时,她萌生了一个想法,正是这个想法支起了这部英国喜剧片。她决定和朋友合伙,用仅有的一点钱来养殖和训练自己的赛马。这些勇敢的后来者可以和垄断赛马冠军的大亨们相抗衡吗?这也许听上去比较牵强,但是《梦马》基于一个已被改编成热门纪录片的真实故事。里奇·克莱因在电影网站Shadows on the Wall上写道:“这部电影拍得很有美感,人物明快活泼,演得很好。这个温暖又引人入胜的故事会吸引任何努力坚持梦想的人。”


Released on 4 June in the UK and Ireland, and 10 June in Australia




(Credit: Music Box Films)


Summer of 85《85年盛夏》

François Ozon, the prolific, genre-hopping French writer-director, gets back to his roots – and, perhaps, his own adolescence – with an adaptation of Aidan Chambers' ground-breaking gay coming-of-age novel, Dance On My Grave. Its young lovers are 16-year-old Alexis (Félix Lefebvre) and a 18-year-old, David (Benjamin Voisin), who saves him from drowning when his boat capsizes off the coast of Normandy in 1985. Reviewers have compared Ozon's nostalgic recreation of a sun-kissed summer fling to Call Me By Your Name. But in this case, as Alexis's voice-over warns us, David doesn’t have long to live, so the mystery of his death looms over their time together. Boyd van Hoeij of The Hollywood Reporter praises "a story that's frequently awkward and a little painful to watch but also sincere and truthful about adolescence in a way seldom seen in films about teenagers made by middle-aged directors".



Released on 18 June in the US















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