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> First trailer for Chinese sci-fi epic TV series 'Three-Body' released

File photo of Chinese writer Liu Cixin.[Photo provided to China Daily]


Three-Body, the Chinese TV adaptation of Liu Cixin's Hugo Award-winning sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem, debuted on Chinese Central Television 8 and Tencent Video during prime time on Jan 15.

The hashtag for the 30-episode series had earned more than 130 million views on China's Twitter-like webstie Sina Weibo as of Jan 16.

Many Chinese netizens commented that the story was largely faithful to the original work.

Preparations for the series began seven years ago, with the crew closely consulting with science and technology experts and sci-fi specialists.

Many scenes were shot on the grounds of prominent Chinese scientific institutes.

According to previous reports, the team worked on the script for four years and spent 126 days shooting, traveling to many places like Ningbo, Beijing and Heihe to film, and creating more than 270 film sets, to precisely reenact details of the original book.

The Three-Body TV series will be like the movie The Wandering Earth, becoming a benchmark for sci-fi TV series that forces filmmakers to continue to climb to higher peaks, Global Times reported.

The Three-Body Problem has gained global attention because the work itself is the epitome of the development of human beings.

> Local governments issue vouchers to boost consumption

Shoppers browse selections at a fresh food store in Tianjin on Jan 12. [Photo by TONG YU/CHINA NEWS SERVICE]

As the Spring Festival approaches, many local governments have stepped up their efforts to boost consumption by issuing vouchers and launching a range of promotion activities, according to the Securities Daily.

Such efforts were encouraged by the Ministry of Commerce, which worked with relevant local departments to prioritize economic recovery and boost consumption by fine-tuning the implementation of policies and initiatives, according to the ministry's spokeswoman Shu Jueting at a regular press conference.

Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning province, will distribute 100 million yuan of Spring Festival consumption coupons from Jan 10 to Feb 28, aiming to encourage sales in automobiles, home appliances and retail.

In Tianjin, the second phase of 115 million yuan of vouchers will be issued from Jan 11 onwards, with four categories of vouchers for automobiles, home appliances, retail and catering sectors.

Encouraging consumption is on the top of the agenda in 2023, said Fu Yifu, a senior researcher from the Star Atlas Institute of Finance.

It is timely that many places across the country are issuing vouchers, which are expected to be more effective in boosting consumption, given that people are more willing to spend during the upcoming Spring Festival, which is traditionally the peak season for consumption, Fu added.

The move has reduced household burdens, injected vitality into the consumption market and enhanced confidence in economic recovery, said Zhang Yiqun, deputy director of the China Special Committee on Budget Performance.

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