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The little island with the darkest sky in Europe 威尔士小岛被评为欧洲首个 “黑暗天空保护带”



The little island with the darkest sky in Europe 威尔士小岛被评为欧洲首个 “黑暗天空保护带”


Menna Jones, Enlli Development Manager
"It's the first dark sky sanctuary in Europe."

门纳·琼斯       巴德西岛开发经理
“这里是欧洲首个 ‘黑暗天空保护带’。”

(威尔士语:Ynys Enlli)

Menna Jones, Enlli Development Manager
"There are some dark sky parks already, but what's special about this is that it's a sanctuary, which is even darker."

门纳·琼斯       巴德西岛开发经理
“有不少地方被评为了 ‘黑暗天空公园’,但巴德西岛的特别之处在于它被评为了 ‘保护带’,因为这里的夜空更暗。”

This Welsh island is now officially a dark sky sanctuary.

这个威尔士岛屿现已被正式评为 “黑暗天空保护带”。

There are only 17 worldwide awarded by the International Dark Skies Association.


You can find others in South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and the US.

其它 “黑暗天空保护带” 分布在南非、智利、新西兰和美国。

Often defined as the darkest places in the world, they make the perfect spot to look up at the stars.

通常被定义为 “世界上最暗的地方”,“黑暗天空保护带” 是仰望星空的绝佳地点。

Menna Jones, Enlli Development Manager
"Because it's a small, remote community, it's good that the eyes of everybody in Wales and the world will be on Ynys Enlli. But, the main objective is to protect and enhance the environment, not to attract thousands of extra people to Ynys Enlli."

门纳·琼斯       巴德西岛开发经理

Ynys Enlli (also known as Bardsey Island) was monitored over four years to prove it's dark enough to qualify for the award. 

巴德西岛(威尔士语:Ynys Enlli)的夜空被监测了四年,以证明天空足够黑暗,才有资格获此殊荣。

The accolade aims to protect starry nights from light pollution.


Mari Huws, Warden, Ynys Enlli
"Monitoring the dark sky was a major part of the application. I will continue to do this using this small device here. I will be going out onto the field when conditions are favourable before taking four measurements and keeping a record of them.

玛丽·胡斯       巴德西岛看守员
“监测夜空的暗度是申请 ‘黑暗天空保护带’ 称号的一个主要部分。今后,我还会继续使用这台小仪器来监测夜空。我会在条件良好的时候,到田野中监测夜空,进行四次测量并记下数据。

So, I am lucky that this is part of my job. Being able to wake up, put my dressing gown on and go out onto the field under a blanket of stars."




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