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单词 remain 怎么用?



“Remain” 是一个比较正式的单词。动词 “remain” 可以表示 “停留,留在某处”、“保持不变” 或 “遗留,存留”。看视频,听主持人 Beth 举例讲解如何使用 “remain”。


1 “Remain” 是一个动词,常出现在较正式的语境中。它可以表示 “停留,留在某处”。

The doctor said I need to remain in bed for a few days after the operation.

You must remain out here until it is safe to go back inside.

2 “Remain” 还可以指 “(状态)保持不变”。常见搭配有 “remain silent(保持沉默)”、“remain a mystery(仍是个谜)”。

I asked him to tell me his secret but he remained silent.

The location of the diamond remains a mystery, even 100 years later.

3 “Remain” 也可以表示 “遗留,存留”,常用来谈论古物、遗迹等。

Parts of the ship remain at the bottom of the ocean.

Only a few cave paintings remain today.

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