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单词 position 的四个用法



名词 “position” 除了表示 “位置,地点” 或 “工作,职位” 以外,还有哪些含义和用法?跟 “一分钟英语” 视频一起学习 “position” 作名词时的四个常见用法。


1 用 “position” 指 “(人或事物的)位置,地点”。

The singer took a central position on the stage.

This counter was in a different position on my last visit. 

2 用 “position” 指 “(事物的)放置方式;(身体)姿势”。

When I first tried yoga, some of the positions were very uncomfortable.

To play this game, you have to hold your phone in a horizontal position.

3 用 “position” 指 “(限制或增加做某事机会的)处境,境况”。

The company is in a difficult position after their latest product received terrible reviews.

We were in a fortunate position as we didn't have to worry about the funding. 

4 用 “position” 指 “工作,职位”。

She holds a managerial position in the team.

He's applying for a higher position in the same company.

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