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August 15
1945: Allied nations celebrate VJ Day
[ 2008-08-15 13:48 ]

August 15

August 15
Thousands are rejoicing at the end of war
1945: Allied nations celebrate VJ Day

England have

Japan has surrendered to the Allies. There is joy and celebration around the world and 15 August has been declared Victory in Japan day.

The end of war will be marked by two-day holidays in the UK, the USA and Australia.

After days of rumour and speculation, US President Harry S Truman broke the good news at a press conference at the White House at 1900 yesterday.

He said the Japanese Government had agreed to comply in full with the Potsdam declaration which demands the unconditional surrender of Japan.

Supreme Commander General Douglas MacArthur will receive the official Japanese surrender, arrangements for which are now under way.

Later, in an address to a crowd that had gathered outside the White House President Truman said: "This is the day we have been waiting for since Pearl Harbor. This is the day when Fascism finally dies, as we always knew it would."

But he warned that the task of creating a lasting peace still lay ahead.

At midnight, the British Prime Minister Clement Atlee confirmed the news in a broadcast saying, "The last of our enemies is laid low."

He expressed gratitude to Britain's allies, in the Dominions of Australia and New Zealand, India, Burma, all countries occupied by Japan and to the USSR. But special thanks went to the United States "without whoseprodigiousefforts the war in the East would still have many years to run".

The day coincides with the state opening of Parliament which took on an air of a victory parade.

Thousands braved the rain to watch King George VI and the queen driven down the Mall in an open carriage.

Later tonight, the King addressed the nation and the Empire in broadcast from his study at Buckingham Palace at 2100.

"Our hearts are full to overflowing, as are your own. Yet there is not one of us who has experienced this terrible war who does not realise that we shall feel its inevitable consequences long after we have all forgotten our rejoicings today."

The Royal Family greeted cheering crowds from the Palace balcony. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret later mingled with the crowds outside the Palace.

Historic buildings all over London are floodlit and throngs of people have crowded onto the streets of every town and city shouting, singing, dancing, lighting bonfires and letting off fireworks.

But there were no celebrations in Japan - in his first ever radio broadcast, Emperor Hirohito blamed the use of "a new and most cruel bomb" used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki for Japan's surrender.

"Should we continue to fight, it would not only result in the ultimate collapse andobliterationof the Japanese nation but would lead also to the total extinction of human civilisation." 

August 15
Virgin Challenger left New York three days ago

1985: Virgin voyage ends in disaster

Artificially 1969: FilmTheTheAAThe The speedboat Virgin Atlantic Challenger hascapsizedin heavy seas off the south-west of England scuppering Richard Branson's attempt at the fastest-ever Atlantic crossing.

The 32-ton vessel overturned just 140 miles (224km) short of its target, the Isles of Scilly off Cornwall.

The founder of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson, veteran sailor Chay Blyth and the remaining seven crew are reported to be safe and well.

The crew were spotted floating in life boats by helicopters from the Royal Navy air station at Culdrose, Cornwall.

They were picked up by a passing ship and have been airlifted to hospital.

It is not yet known what caused the Challenger to overturn but the voyage had been hampered by bad weather.

The attempt began three days ago in New York.

Initially it went well and Challenger seemed set to break the record.

But the weather worsened and the boat developed a fuel leak.

Only an unscheduledrendezvouswith a container ship to pick up more petrol enabled her to continue.

At the St Mary's yacht club in the Isles of Scilly the scene had been set for a celebration before news of the capsize came through.

Richard Branson's parents and sister, Chay Blyth's wife and relatives of the other crew members had gathered there in anticipation of their triumph.

At Virgin Atlantic's headquarters in London staff had also been waiting to celebrate a famous success.

It is not yet known whether Mr Branson will make a second attempt to claim the record.


prodigious:a meeting planned at a certain time and place(巨大的)

obliteration: the complete destruction of every trace of something(涂去;除掉)

capsize :overturn accidentally(倾覆)

rendezvous: a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment(集合点) 

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