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Flawless skin top priority in hunt for beauty: study
[ 2007-04-30 08:43 ]

Flawless skin top priority of beauty-concious consumers

Pampered, peeled and toned skin is the number one priority for image-conscious consumers around the world and they are going to adopt increasingly extreme measures to get it, a survey showed on Friday.

A survey by research group AC Nielsen across 46 countries found that one in three people spend most of their beauty budget on skincare, with Asian and U.S. consumers leading the trend.

Skin whitening is the most sought after treatment in Asia, the survey showed, with one in 10 Asian consumers buying bleaching products and 50 percent saying they would lighten their skin if money was no object.

The survey also predicts a massive rise in the use of facial treatments such as masks, peels, serums and oils.

"Consumers tend to take a vested interest in their skincare regime in their 30s and 40s and at this life stage have more disposable income to invest in beauty extras," Patrick Dodd, president of AC Nielsen Europe said.

L'Oreal, one of the world's largest cosmetics group, said its customers spent 3.85 million euros ($5.24 million) on skincare products in 2006, up nearly 12 percent on the previous year.

"The beauty industry shows no sign of slowing down as beauty and personal care products have become 'must have' items in every household," Dodd said.

The survey found that 78 percent of people feel under increasing pressure to look good, and the desire to be beautiful is not just restricted to women.

Nearly 80 percent of people welcome the arrival of the "metrosexual" male, a term used to describe men who use a myriad of beauty products to take care of their appearance, with American men the most enthusiastic about the trend.

The United States have just become the new home of British footballer David Beckham, the face of Procter & Gamble's Gillette skincare brand, who signed a $250 million soccer transfer deal earlier this year with U.S. team LA Galaxy.

Beckham, famed for his fashionable hairstyles, diamond stud earrings and for wearing a sarong on the beach, is a metrosexual style icon par excellence.

The survey also found that consumers were not just obsessed with flawless skin -- haircare products are among the most sought after treatments globally, especially in Latin America and Asia.

L'Oreal customers spent 3.63 million euros on haircare products in 2006.


















bleaching: 漂白的

peel: 去角质产品 

flawless skin: 无暇皮肤


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