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chinadaily.com.cn 2018-07-31 16:26

[Photo/Mofe Bamuyiwa]

>Nigerian girl goes viral
A five-year-old girl has been dubbed the "most beautiful in the world" after a photographer shared snaps of her on their Instagram account. Jare, from Nigeria, was photographed by Mofe Bamuyiwa who shared three stunning portraits of the girl on her Instagram account last week. The images see the child posing in a simple setting showcasing her enormous eyes and perfectly smooth skin as well as her impressive head of hair. Fans have been quick to praise Mofe's portraits of the child with the first of the three images amassing 16,000 likes. "This beautiful child has broken the internet," an internet user commented.


HOLLYWOOD, CA - JULY 25: Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is vandalized on July 25, 2018 in Hollywood, California. [Photo/Getty Images]

>Trump star hits eBay
Trump's star on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles was vandalized on Thursday. An eBay user who says he nabbed a piece of the star's debris after Austin Clay obliterated it with a pickax, has put it up for auction, with a starting bid of $500. There's still about a week left on the auction, but as of now, nobody's biting. More bad news for the seller too - since the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce legally owns the Trump star - even smashed up bits - it has the power to shut down the sale.



>Burglar breaks in for Wi-Fi
A teenaged thief broke into the home of an elderly couple in Palo Alto through their window at midnight. He did not burglarize their home, but he did wander into their bedroom to wake them up. He asked the strangers for their Wi-Fi password. The intruder had his face covered. The couple chased him from the home before calling police and the boy sped away on the bike, which was stolen from the yard of a woman, possibly the night before. He was apprehended by police a block from the house. As a minor, his name and photo are not being released to the public. However, he is being charged with prowling, residential burglary, and possibly petty theft.


A chick was hatched Tuesday, without a mother hen or brooder lamp, from a carton of eggs that had been placed in an outdoor balcony for a few days, thanks to the scorching heat, according to a resident in Gangneung, Gangwon Province.[Photo/VCG]

>Scorching heat hatches egg
South Korea's prolonged heat wave is producing a number of unusual events, including a chick hatching out of an egg reportedly without a mother hen or brooder lamp. In Gangneung, Gangwon Province, a chick was hatched from a carton of eggs that had been placed in an outdoor balcony. The carton was there for days basking in sizzling summer heat that sent average temperatures hovering over 35 degrees Celsius. According to a Gangneung resident surnamed Choi who now owns the chick, the egg had never been brooded by the mother hen or placed under brooding lamps. The unusually warm weather basically did all the work, he said. As of Wednesday morning, 14 people had died due to heat-related illness, while heat stress has killed at least 1.43 million livestock. More than 1,300 residents have been medically treated for health conditions caused by the hot weather, including heat stroke.

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