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职场饼干文化:独享惹人厌 分享更快乐 Revealed: Why you should NEVER dunk a biscuit in a cup of tea in the office

中国日报网 2018-08-29 14:16




Tens of thousands of workers across the country enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit at their desks but now a study has revealed you should never dunk at the office if you want to keep your colleagues on side.


Dunking at your desk is considered a major faux-pas by a fifth of British tea drinking office workers, according to a new survey of 2,000 employees by McVitie's.


That's in spite of a whopping 71 percent admitting they love to soak their biscuit in a cuppa.


The study also showed that other deplorable biscuit offences include opening a packet of biscuits that didn't belong to them, reports Cosmopolitan.com.


Leaving a trail of crumbs on someone's desk was also considered to be an abomination, with 38 percent calling this a major faux-pas.


Biscuits don't always divide colleagues however, according to another study.


A previous survey by McVitie's found that half of British workers say sharing the sweet treats with colleagues makes them feel happier, with more than a quarter saying they even helped forge stronger relationships.


Ten percent of office workers say that sharing biscuits even helped them bag a romantic date with one of their colleagues.


According to the research, people in social care are the biggest biscuit sharers at work, followed by accountants and teachers.


However, some workforces love their biscuits so much, they just can't bear to share them, with more than a third of British workers confessing to going to great lengths to keeping them all for themselves.



More than a quarter of construction workers have eaten biscuits in their car so colleagues wouldn't see, while 17 percent of IT workers confess to eating biscuits on the sly.


And a fifth of those working in hospitality and entertainment admit to hiding away their treats in the company toilet so they can enjoy their favorite biscuits in secret.


Judi James, communication and body language expert, told FEMAIL: 'We live in a digital world where we're more connected than ever, with a growing number of 'digital friends', but it's those moments of real human connection that are increasingly important and help to support our own physical and emotional health.


'The simple act of sharing biscuits with friends or colleagues can facilitate those little moments of face-to-face connection that can have a significant impact on your work and social life.'




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