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小测验 — 与 “摩天大楼” 有关的词汇


摩天大楼 “skyscrapers”,这种高耸入云的建筑已成为现代大都市里不可忽视的一道景象,也成为了游客们竞相游览的胜地以及商业和住宅中心。你知道多少有关  “摩天大楼” 的常识?试着用以下《英语小测验》里出现过的英语词汇描述高层建筑。

1. A skyscraper is a building that has over 40 ______.

a) stations

b) flights

c) floors

d) ceilings               

2. Another word for a skyscraper is a ______ building.

a) tall-rise

b) tall-level

c) high-level

d) high-rise            

3.  The Hong Kong harbour ______ is famous for its skyscrapers.

a) skyline

b) street view

c) water line

d) skyview         

4. To get to the top of a skyscraper you usually take an elevator. What is an elevator called in British English?

a) an escalator

b) a moving platform

c) a lift

d) a carry-on

5. Some skyscrapers have a ______ near the top which is open to the public.

a) looking area

b) viewing platform

c) watching gallery

d) sightseer               

6. Many skyscrapers have tall thin structures at the top which are part of the building. These are called ______.

a) steeples

b) spires

c) towers

d) legs


1) c, 2) d, 3) a, 4) c, 5) b, 6) b.

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