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>Cancerous cell has kill code
Every cell in the human body contains a "kill code" which can be triggered to cause its own self-destruction. That's the discovery made by researchers at Northwestern University, Illinois, who believe it could be utilized for the future fight against cancer. Specifically, they predict malignant cells could be encouraged to "commit suicide" without toxic chemicals pumped into the body. It could mean an end to grueling rounds of chemotherapy.


Royole Corp unveils a large-screen foldable device, FlexPai on Oct 31. [Photo/IC]

>Foldable device unveiled
Royole Corp, a manufacturer of flexible displays and smart devices, unveiled the world's first foldable phone on Wednesday, which can be bent and rolled to function both as a smartphone and tablet. The product, known as the FlexPai, is equipped with the Shenzhen-based company's latest flexible display technology. The 7.8-inch high-resolution screen is 7.6 millimeters thick and can be bent over 200,000 times. Bill Liu, founder of Royole, said that the FlexPai, priced from 8,999 yuan, is designed so consumers need not buy smartphones and tablets at the same time. Liu said he hopes the company's ultra-thin, transparent and flexible electronics will help reshape the future of smart home, automotive, consumer electronics and wearable products.


A man buys a book from a pocket book vending machine that sells literature to travelers to help the popularity of reading in heavy traffic points of the city, April 12, 2018.[Photo/VCG]

>Tiny books fit in one hand
"Dwarsliggers" - tiny, pocket-size, horizontal flipbacks that have been popular in Europe - have come to the US. Dutton Books for Young Readers, which is part of Penguin Random House, began releasing the first dwarsliggers in the US, with four novels by the best-selling young-adult novelist John Green, including "The Fault in Our Stars". The tiny editions are the size of a cell phone and no thicker than your thumb, with paper as thin as onion skin. They can be read with one hand - the text flows horizontally, and you can flip the pages upward, like swiping a smartphone. The term dwarsligger comes from the Dutch words "dwars", or crossways, and "liggen", to lie, and also means a person or thing that stands out as different. In the last decade or so, the format, introduced in Holland in 2009, has spread across Europe, and nearly 10 million copies have been sold.


Shoppers make their way through one of the world's busiest shopping streets, Nanjing Road in Shanghai. [Photo/VCG]

>Business climate improves
China is now one of the top 50 economies in the world for ease of doing business, due to a record number of reforms carried out last year, according to the World Bank Group in its annual doing business report released Wednesday. "China advanced to a global ranking of 46 this year, up from 78 last year, as the country implemented the largest number of reforms in the East Asia and Pacific region," the report said. Bert Hofman, World Bank country director for China, said: "China has made rapid progress in improving its business climate for domestic small and medium enterprises in the past year. The progress signals the value the government places on nurturing entrepreneurship and private enterprise."

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