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打喷嚏捂嘴、电梯先下后上……这些常识你真的做到了吗? These 18 things prove that common sense is not always common

中国日报网 2018-11-27 08:59


伏尔泰曾说过:“常识并非那么平常。”(Common sense is not so common.)这个世界上总有人缺乏基本的常识,或者明知不应为而为之。总有人打喷嚏不捂嘴,总有人在公共场合外放手机上的音乐或视频,总有人在地铁上旁若无人地霸座。也许你对种种常识心知肚明,但你真的都做到了吗?



#1 Not Using Turning Signals


When did it become normal for people to ignore the most basic rules of driving?



#2 Not Letting People Get Out Of Busses And Elevators Before Entering


It makes a lot more sense than you trying to push yourself into the crowd who’s trying to get out anyway. Just stand aside, let people out, and then get in.



#3 Listening To Music Without Headphones


You think your music taste is great? Perfect, go study music, become a DJ or a producer, but please don’t shove your music taste onto other people who would rather listen to silence than the latest remix of DJ Khaled’s new song while sitting on a bus on their way to home.



#4 Being Rude To Your Server


Imagine working 12 hour shifts, always on your feet, tired as hell, and then dealing with the most annoying and rude customers? Yeah, don’t be that person who thinks waitresses have to deal with your terrible attitude. They’re just here to do their job and leave, don’t make it harder than it is.



#5 Standing On The Left Side And Blocking The Way


Every country is different, but usually you walk on the left and you stand on the right, it’s that simple.



#6 Not Putting Your Stuff Back On The Proper Shelves In Grocery Stores


Just because you decided you don’t need that item anymore doesn’t mean somebody else should have to put it back to its place. Your ignorance creates extra work for the already busy grocery store employees so put the stuff back from where you took it.



#7 Swiping Right When Someone Hands You Their Phone To Show A Picture


They only wanted to show you one picture, you do not have the right to scroll through their photos and check what they have on their phone. Imagine how awkward it would be if you would stumble on something very private?



#8 Texting While Driving


Just don’t do this one. Don’t. You’re risking yours and someone else’s life for a text, it’s not worth it, and no matter what you’re typing, it will never be as important as being safe at the road.



#9 Not Washing Your Hands After Using The Bathroom


Nobody wants to touch your hands after you used the toilet, and it’s even worse since nobody is ever sure who washed their hands and who didn’t. Be kind to others and stop sharing you bacteria.



#10 Not Cleaning Up After Your Dog


Picking up poop and throwing it away takes way less time than stepping in it and cleaning it up, not to mention getting rid of the smell. So, if you want a dog, understand that it comes with a poop that you’ll have to pick up.



#11 Throwing Something Into A Trash Bin, Missing It, And Not Picking It Up


Struggling with your aim? Then maybe just try walking to the trash bin? Who would have thought that it’s that simple? Groundbreaking.



#12 Not Dimming Your Car’s Front Lights While Driving Past Someone In The Dark


Always remember that your lights can be blinding other people and distracting them from the road, so please make sure that your lights are not too bright.



#13 Snapping Fingers At A Server


Just don’t. It’s rude, obnoxious and degrading.



#14 Not Covering Your Mouth While Coughing


According to Live Science, one cough can release as much as 3,000 droplets of saliva, and they can fly as fast as 50 miles per hour. And sneezing can force as much as 40,000 droplets of saliva. Is there anything else we need to say to prove our point? Covering your mouth is not an option but an absolute must.



#15 Checking Your Phone In The Middle Of A Conversation


Unless it’s actually urgent, please do not check your phone in the middle of a conversation with someone. It seems like you’re bored, and you make other people feel uncomfortable. Also, it’s one thing to quickly check the time and another when you just keep scrolling.



#16 Blocking Pedestrian Crossings With Your Car


If you’re in a car, you’re not a pedestrian, so anything that is strictly dedicated to pedestrians is something you shouldn’t be driving on, especially sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Is this so hard to understand??



#17 Eating Stinky Food In Public


We get it, you’re busy, you didn’t have time to eat and you’re just too hungry to wait until you get back home and fill your tummy. But please, be considerate of others and avoid eating stinky food like tuna sandwiches in public, especially buses or trains, where nobody can escape the smell.



#18 Sitting Close To Someone On An Empty Bus


This one is just creepy. Why would you choose to invade someone else’s private space when there are plenty of free seats on the bus?





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