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chinadaily.com.cn 2018-12-11 17:12

A screenshot from Ryan’s YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview. [Photo/YouTube]

>Highest-paid YouTuber a kid
A seven-year-old boy who reviews toys has been revealed as YouTube's highest-earning star, raking in $22m. The estimate by Forbes magazine found that Ryan of Ryan ToysReview pipped Jake Paul by $500,000 for the 12 months to June. The Dude Perfect channel was in third place, making $ 20m, Forbes said. Ryan's earnings, which do not include tax or fees charged by agents or lawyers, have doubled compared with the previous year. Since the channel was set up by Ryan's parents in March 2015, its videos have had almost 26 billion views and amassed 17.3 million followers. In August, Walmart began selling an exclusive range of toys and clothing called Ryan's World. The revenues from the Walmart deal are set to substantially increase Ryan's total earnings next year. As he is still a child, 15% of Ryan's earnings are put into a bank account that he can only access when he becomes a legal adult.


File photo taken on July 31, 2017 shows White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (C) attending a ceremony at the White House in Washington DC, the United States. [Photo/Xinhua]

>Trump chief of staff to leave
US President Donald Trump said Saturday that White House chief of staff John Kelly will leave his job at the end of the year. Trump called Kelly "a great guy," when speaking to reporters at the White House before leaving for the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia. "I appreciate his service very much," he said. The president said he would announce Kelly's successor "over the next day or two." Trump has been widely expected to reshuffle after the Nov 6 midterm elections and before the start of the second half of his first term.


People stand at a bus station during a national public transport strike in Rome, Italy October 26, 2018.[Photo/VCG]

>Luxembourg mass transit free
Luxembourg is set to become the first country in the world to make all its public transport free. Fares on trains, trams and buses will be lifted next summer under the plans of the re-elected coalition government led by Xavier Bettel. Luxembourg has increasingly shown a progressive attitude to transport. This summer, the government brought in free transport for every child and young person under the age of 20. Commuters need only pay 2 euros for up to two hours of travel, which in a country of just 999 sq miles (2,590 sq km) covers almost all journeys. Now, from the start of 2020, all tickets will be abolished, saving on the collection of fares and the policing of ticket purchases. The policy is yet to be fully thought through, however. A decision has yet to be taken on what to do about first- and second-class compartments on trains.



>C-section makes children fatter
Babies born via c-section are more likely to become obese than those born naturally, a study has revealed. Researchers from New York University observed 34 mice that were delivered by c-section and 35 mice that were born naturally. They tracked their body weights and analyzed their intestinal bacteria until the mice had grown into adults. Mice that were born via a c-section put on about 30% more weight than their counterparts who'd had a natural birth. The drastic increase is credited to a difference in the bacteria found in the stomachs of the two groups of mice. Mice born via a c-section are more likely to have an unbalanced amount of good and bad bacteria in their stomachs, which puts them at risk for gaining too much weight. Study author Maria Dominguez-Bello said: "Our study is the first to demonstrate a causal relationship between c-section and increased body weight in mammals."

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