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真人脱毛、吃零食……盘点电影中那些不按剧本出牌的“神操作” These movie bloopers that were so good, they made the final cut

中国日报网 2019-04-04 09:05





The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) 《四十岁的老处男》

While the safest choice for a scene like that is to use special effects and make-up, Steve Carell thought that it would be much better if the waxing was real. The reaction the character is having is completely genuine. Carell said that his experience was so horrible that he promised to never do that for a movie ever again.



The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002) 《指环王:双塔奇兵》

During the scene where Eowyn stares into the distance, we can see a flag being ripped off a pole and flying away. While this scene may look intentional and metaphorical, the flag flew away by accident but it fit so well with the scene, that it was kept in the final cut.



Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) 《窈窕奶爸》

The scene where Mrs. Doubtfire had to cover her face with icing didn't go as planned. When the icing started dripping down the actor's face because the heat from set lights made it melt, Robin Williams had to improvise. At the moment when the icing dripped into Mrs. Sellner’s tea, he decided to say, “There you go, you’ve got your cream and your sugar now.”



Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 《星球大战2:帝国反击战》

In the scene, when Princess Leia tells Han Solo that she loves him, he was supposed to respond by saying "I love you too". However, Harrison Ford felt that this response wasn't suitable for his character, so instead, he improvised and responded by saying "I know".



Avengers 《复仇者联盟》

The director could not stop Robert Downey Jr. from sneaking snacks into the set, so he had no other choice but to make his snacking habit a part of his character. So all the scenes of Tony Stark eating are probably not scripted.



The Princess Diaries (2001) 《公主日记》

In this film, Anne Hathaway portrayed an awkward and geeky girl who finds out she's heir apparent to the throne of Genovia. While filming a scene where the character was supposed to walk on bleachers with her friend, Anne took a pretty nasty tumble. However, it fitted so well with the clumsy character that this unscripted accident was left in the film.



Django Unchained (2012) 《被解救的姜戈》

Leonardo DiCaprio is an excellent actor who doesn't break character even when he hurts himself. He proved that during an intense scene when he hurt his arm with a shard of glass and blood started gushing from his wound. This scene wasn't scripted and the blood was real, it was left in the final cut because of the amazing acting.


shard[ʃɑrd]: 碎片


Titanic (1997) 《泰坦尼克号》

The famous line "I am the king of the world" wasn't scripted, it was made up on the spot by the director. After trying several different lines, James Cameron realized that nothing was working and told Leo to just say "I am the king of the world" and really sell it. This scene became probably the most iconic part of the movie.



Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004) 《暖暖内含光》

During the scene where a character played by Kate Winslet disappears, the look on Jim Carrey's face is genuine. He wasn't told that Kate will disappear, so he was really trying to find her.



Rain Man (1988) 《雨人》

While filming, Dustin Hoffman accidentally passed gas, however, he and Tom Cruise made it look like it was part of the scene. Actors managed to stay in character and spontaneously created such a good scene that it became a fan favorite.



Scent Of A Woman (1992) 《闻香识女人》

Al Pacino prepared for his part by not allowing his eyes to focus on anything. He got so good at simulating blindness, that he could barely see anything. The scene on the street, where the actor fell over a garbage can, happened by accident because of his bad vision.



American Beauty (1999) 《美国丽人》

The epic plate throwing scene in this movie was improvised. In the script, Lester Burnham throws the plate at the floor, however, Kevin Spacey decided to violently throw it into the wall right behind Thora Birch's back, landing genuine reactions from the actors in the scene.