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The end for London's oldest boats? 伦敦最古老船只的末日?



The end for London’s oldest boats? 伦敦最古老船只的末日?


有关 “sailing 航行” 的词汇


What was the Connaught used for in the past?


Welcome aboard the passenger vessel Connaught - built a century ago and, like her sister ships, still plying her trade on the 24-mile route from central London to Hampton Court.  

欢迎乘坐康诺特号客。这艘船是一个世纪前建造的,和她的姐妹船一样,仍然定期往返于伦敦市中心和汉普顿宫之间,航线距离为 24 英里。

Tony Lodge, Thames historian
Well, they are actually a unique design and they were built for the Thames. When the tide is out at low water, they can get under the bridges, which are quite low in this part of London. And they allow passengers still to have access to these historic roots, which actually, are as anyone who's been on them, are actually quite magnificent.

托尼·洛奇     历史学家     泰晤士河研究

River steamers launched for a tourism boom during the reign of Queen Victoria also saw military service. The Connaught was called up as a hospital ship during World War Two.


The old river boats were designed to carry their passengers in comfort and some style. By the 1960s, the river was buzzing with traffic. But now modern safety standards are about to catch up with the last survivors from the original fleets.

老式的内河船被设计成舒适而有格调的客船运载乘客。到了 20 世纪 60 年代,这条河上交通繁忙。但现在,所有船只必须要开始执行现代安全标准,原船队仅存的最后一批船只也需要达标。

Dan Adams is Connaught's skipper and tour guide. He says the safety review threatens his livelihood.


Dan Adams, Connaught's skipper
It's not practical to do it and it would send the company out of business.

丹·亚当斯     康诺特号船长

The report's authors say there's room for manoeuvre, but they have to stay on course.


The recommendations go before parliament later this year. The future of these river veterans hangs in the balance.



vessel 船,舰

tide 潮汐

fleets 船队

skipper 船长

manoeuvre 控制方向;回旋(余地)


The Connaught was used as a hospital ship during World War Two.



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