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小测验 — 关系从句


英语中的关系从句 “relative clauses” 指由关系词引导的从句。关系词指代先行词,并在关系子句中充当主语。关系词分为关系代词——who、which、that;关系副词——when、where 等。在关系从句中,关系代词 “who” 指人,“which” 指物;“that” 既可以指人,也可以指物;关系副词 “when” 指事情发生的时间,“where” 则用来明确地点。做下面的八道测验题,测一测你是否掌握了关系从句中关系词的使用方法。

1. Wales, _______ is situated in the south-west of Great Britain, has a population of around 3 million.

a) which

b) where

c) who

d) whose

2. That’s the director _______ film won four Oscars recently.

a) who

b) which

c) whose

d) that

3. Friday night is the night _______ we all go out dancing.

a) where

b) which

c) who

d) when

4. This is the famous hall _______ British politicians have debates.

a) where

b) when

c) who

d) whose

5. That’s the character in the book _______ everyone loves to hate.

a) whose

b) which

c) where

d) who

6. For the main course we had boeuf bourguignon, _______ is a sort of French beef casserole.

a) who

b) where

c) which

d) what

7. Which of the following sentences is correct?

a) That’s the novel that everyone has been talking about lately.

b) A judge is a person in a court of law which decides whether a person is innocent or guilty.

c) It’s a charity where raises money for homeless animals.

d) The Sagrada Familia, where is the most famous building in Barcelona, was designed by Antoni Gaudi.

8. Which of the following is NOT correct?

a) This is the place where there used to be a famous nightclub.

b) Albert Einstein carried out an experiment that changed the world.

c) The hotel that we are staying at has got a massive indoor swimming pool!

d) It’s an online store who sells cool sneakers.


1) a, 2) c, 3) d, 4) a, 5) d, 6) c, 7) a, 8) d.

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