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小测验 — 表示对照关系的从句


在英语中,如果想对两个形成鲜明反差的陈述句进行对比,则应使用表示对照关系的从句。比如,在这类句子的句首和句中可以使用词组 “although” 或 “even though”。在突出强调两件事情的差别非常大时,词组 “even though” 的语气要比 “although” 更强。近义词 “though” 可用于句首、句中或句尾,与其它的连接词相比,它的正式程度较低。另外,也可以用词组 “despite” 和 “in spite of” 做对比,两者意思相同,都表示 “尽管、不论……”,后通常接名词、动名词或 “the fact that…”。做八道题,巩固对照关系的从句中连接词的用法。

1. I really enjoyed playing that game, _______ it lasted for four hours!

a) even though

b) the fact that

c) in spite of 

d) despite

2. _______ the watch only having a two-year guarantee, I’ve had no problems with it for eight years.

a) Though

b) Although

c) Even though

d) Despite

3. We’ve downloaded the instruction manual, _______ we still don't know what to do!

a) even though

b) despite

c) though

d) in spite of

4. _______ the food taking an hour to arrive, it was absolutely delicious!

a) In spite of

b) Even though

c) Though

d) Although

5. _______ the company is successful, it isn’t very well known.

a) In spite of

b) Despite

c) Although

d) Notwithstanding

6. _______ that the team had four injured players, they won the match.

a) Despite

b) Notwithstanding

c) Though

d) Even though

7. _______ her Spanish was really bad, she managed to convince the waiter to change the order!

a) Even though

b) Despite

c) In spite of

d) Notwithstanding

8. The characters in the book were memorable, _______ the plot wasn’t very strong.

a) the fact that

b) despite

c) in spite of

d) though


1) a, 2) d, 3) c, 4) a, 5) c, 6) b, 7) a, 8) d.

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