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小测验 — 表视觉、触觉、气味、听觉及味觉的感官动词

英语中有许多用来描述人或事物的外观、触感、气味、声音及味道的形容词。将下列感官动词与形容词搭配,可以说明一个人通过视觉、触觉、嗅觉、听觉和味觉所体会到的感受:look 看起来、feel 摸起来,感觉、smell 闻起来、sound 听起来、taste 尝起来。比如:You look cold. 你看起来很冷。做测验题,考考你对这个知识点的掌握程度。从选项中选出符合句意的八个感官动词或搭配。

1. Your eyes are red. You _______ tired.

a) sound

b) feel

c) look

d) taste

2. This cake _______ so sweet, and leaves a nice texture on your tongue.

a) tastes

b) sounds

c) feels

d) smells

3. I’m going to throw out the bread. It’s making the kitchen _______ bad.

a) feel

b) sound

c) taste

d) smell

4. It _______ the bus is due. There is a long queue at the bus stop.

a) feels like

b) sounds like

c) tastes like

d) looks like

5. This suede jacket _______ really soft.

a) feels

b) sounds

c) tastes

d) smells

6. Can you open the window please? It _______ someone has been smoking in here.

a) sounds as if

b) smells as if

c) feels as if

d) tastes as if

7. The sun is so bright and the sky so blue today, it _______ summer.

a) tastes like

b) sounds like

c) feels like

d) smells like

8. Your boyfriend _______ a dancer. His body is very agile.

a) smells like

b) tastes like

c) feels like

d) looks like


1) c, 2) a, 3) d, 4) d, 5) a, 6) b, 7) c, 8) d.

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