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Dog garden 狗狗康复花园



Dog garden 狗狗康复花园


有关 “rehabilitation(康复)” 的词汇


Which informal word used in the report describes taking a dog for a walk?


Getting used to new surroundings. Playdoh - just one of the many waggy-tailed residents at the Scottish SPCA’s rescue centre in Aberdeenshire - being introduced to a new sensory garden.


It's quite literally a dog's playground - providing scent stimulation and exercise many of them haven't experienced before.


Louise Griese, Centre Manager
So we do rescue lots of sort of, abandoned, abused animals - and this garden will help to rehabilitate them. It’s going to enrich their life and it’s going to give them skills that will help them in the future. And hopefully it will give them a bit more confidence and help them to find their new homes - which is the main aim.

路易斯·格里斯           救助中心主管

In recent years – the North East [of Scotland] has become something of a hotspot for illegal animal activity. These pictures show what is believed to be Scotland’s largest puppy farm near Fyvie in 2017. This litter of puppies were born at the rescue centre after their mother was taken into care following a recent raid in Moray.


Louise Griese, Centre Manager
Some puppy farm dogs have never been out of a kennel – so they haven’t been outside, they haven't even walked on grass. The sensory garden is somewhere safe that they can come and learn these skills. This garden is really going to help them with their confidence and help them to socialise. Some of them haven’t even learnt basic, basic skills - so this is really going to boost that for them.

路易斯·格里斯           救助中心主管

The centre currently has 22 dogs waiting for a forever home. But in the meantime, a new space filled with new scents, surfaces and obstacles - preparing them for ‘walkies’ outside the centre.




scent stimulation 嗅觉刺激

rehabilitate 恢复正常生活,康复

enrich 使丰富

socialise 社交


The word is ‘walkies’.



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