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小测验 — 英语常见易混词(二)

英语中有一些单词虽然词根相同,但在加上了词缀后,词义和词性将会发生改变。比如,虽然 “sensible、sensitive、sensing” 和 “sensibly” 的词根都是 “sense(感觉,感受)” ,但它们的词义和词性与 “sense” 完全不同。请根据下列八道题的题意,选择正确的一项来完成句子。来测一测自己辨别易混词语的能力!

1. My sister loves her job caring for old people. She’s really _______ their needs.

a) sensitive to

b) sensible to

c) sensing to

d) sensibly to

2. My new car is really _______. It doesn’t cost much to run it for the whole week.

a) economy

b) economic

c) economical

d) economically

3. My manager is the best! She is the most _______ respected member of the team.

a) high

b) height

c) heightened

d) highly

4. Nowadays, it is more common for organisations to have an _______ policy.

a) equal fortunes

b) equal opportunities

c) equal chances

d) equal possibilities

5. Dishonest people will take advantage of you if you are too _______.

a) trusting

b) trustless

c) trustworthy

d) untrustworthy

6. The government is trying to persuade companies to become more _______ friendly by recycling their plastic.

a) environment

b) environmental

c) environmentally

d) environs

7. The world needs to find new ways of creating _______ energy sources to stop global warming.

a) alternation

b) alternatively

c) alernate

d) alternative

8. My father always says that _______ will get you further than lying in life.

a) honest

b) dishonesty

c) honesty

d) honestly


1) a, 2) c, 3) d, 4) b, 5) a, 6) c, 7) d, 8) c.


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