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小测验 — 英语常见易混词(一)

英语中有一些词语虽然意思相近,但用法却完全不同。比如,动词 “earn、gain、get” 和 “have” 都有 “拿到、得到一样东西” 的意思,但它们当中只有一个词可以与名词 “living” 搭配使用,表示 “谋生”。再如,动词 “speak、say、tell” 和 “talk” 都有 “说” 的意思,但只有一个词可以与 “lies” 搭配使用,表示 “说谎”。考一考你是否已经掌握了下列题目中易混词的用法,做小测验。

1. My boss promised he would give me a bonus for all the hard work I’ve done. I hope he _______ his word.

a) does

b) keeps

c) holds

d) takes

2. It really annoys me when I see someone behind me _______ the queue to get served first.

a) jumping over

b) missing

c) overtaking

d) jumping

3. The best way to _______ a living is to do something you love.

a) earn

b) gain

c) get

d) have

4. The first scene from the play was easy to understand – but the rest of the scenes I didn’t _______ a clue what was happening!

a) get

b) see

c) have

d) know

5. The meeting was boring, so I _______ an excuse to leave early.

a) put

b) made

c) said

d) did

6. My friend Samir has a fantastic apartment where he _______ the best parties!

a) throws

b) does

c) makes

d) realises

7. When you write a story, the most important thing to do is to _______ the scene straight away.

a) show

b) lay

c) put

d) set

8. One of my friends is always _______ lies. I can never trust her.

a) saying

b) telling

c) speaking

d) talking


1) b, 2) d, 3) a, 4) c, 5) b, 6) a, 7) d, 8) b.


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