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小测验 — 易混词 speak 和 talk

英语单词 “speak” 和 “talk” 作动词使用时都有 “说话,谈论” 的意思。在交流中,你能准确地使用 “speak” 和 “talk” 吗?“脱口秀” 的英语说法是 “speak shows” 还是 “talk shows”?形容一个人 “光说不做” 的正确表达是 “be all speak” 还是 “be all talk”?做下面的八道题,测试你是否掌握了单词 “speak” 和 “talk” 之间的用法区别。

1. Regina says what she honestly thinks about things. She _______

a) is talking her mind.

b) talks her mind.

c) speaks her mind.

d) is speaking her mind.

2. They haven’t been _______ since that big argument they had at university.

a) on talking terms

b) on talk terms

c) on speak terms

d) on speaking terms

3. I saw your manager the other day, and he _______

a) spoken very highly of you.

b) spoke very highly of you.

c) talked very highly of you.

d) talk very highly of you.

4. I find _______ really stupid! The weather really isn’t that interesting!

a) small talking

b) small speaking

c) small speak

d) small talk

5. My favourite type of TV programs are _______, where the guests are famous people.

a) talk shows

b) speaking shows

c) talking shows

d) spoken shows

6. The latest celebrity scandal is a real _______

a) speaking point.

b) spoken point.

c) talk point.

d) talking point.

7. The fact that she got such a high exam mark _______ about the commitment she has shown during studying.

a) speaks volumes

b) speaking volumes

c) talks volumes

d) talking volumes

8. I wouldn’t listen to them, nothing they say is true – they’re _______

a) all speak

b) all speaking

c) all talk

d) all talking


1) c, 2) d, 3) b, 4) d, 5) a, 6) d, 7) a, 8) c.

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