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小测验 — 包含动词 “take” 的常用短语

动词 “take” 是不规则动词,它的过去式和过去分词分别是 “took” 和 “taken”。“Take” 的含义和用法丰富,除了搭配名词以外,还能与介词及副词组合成为 “phrasal verbs” 动词短语。“Take” 搭配哪个名词,就可以表示 “参加一项活动”?“Take” 与哪个介词搭配可以表示 “某事突然成功?下列八道题测试你是否已掌握含动词 “take” 的常用短语的用法。

1. There’s a new manager _______ from the old one next week. She seems really nice.

a) taking over

b) taking up

c) taking after

d) taking part

2. It’s only the first month, and my business is going well. It’s really starting to _______.

a) take part

b) take away

c) take off

d) take place

3. Yuchen wants to become a singer, so she has _______ singing lessons.

a) taken over

b) taken off

c) taken in

d) taken up

4. Christmas Day _______ each year on the 25th December.

a) takes off

b) takes place

c) takes over

d) takes after

5. A lot of people say I _______ my mother, but I think I’m more like my grandfather.

a) take on

b) take off

c) take after

d) take up

6. We’re a bit short-staffed for the summer period, so we need to _______ some temporary workers.

a) take on

b) take over

c) take up

d) take after

7. Yes, I’d be very happy to _______ your kind job offer.

a) take off

b) take up

c) take over

d) take in

8. Last week, hundreds of thousands of people _______ in the year’s biggest marathon.

a) took part

b) took off

c) took up

d) took over


1) a, 2) c, 3) d, 4) b, 5) c, 6) a, 7) b, 8) a.

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