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小测验 — 社交媒体用语

社交媒体上的内容五花八门,新功能层出不穷,这给不熟悉这类平台常用语的人们在谈论相关话题时带来了一定的困难。在英语中,哪一个动词专门用来表示 “更新个人信息”?哪个词既可以作动词表示 “点赞”,也可以作名词表示 “赞”?如果想在照片里 “标注” 好友,用哪个词最地道?做八道习题,测一测你是不是 “社交媒体用语” 达人。

1. I _______ my social media profile every month.

a) chat

b) hide

c) update

d) like

2. I love _______ my favourite songs on Weibo.

a) hiding

b) chatting

c) trolling

d) sharing

3. My new profile photo got 56 _______. That’s more than I expected!

a) likes

b) trolls

c) memes

d) trends

4. It was so cool _______ on WeChat with an old friend from school last night.

a) uploading

b) chatting

c) memeing

d) hearing

5. I don’t really like being _______ in other people’s photos.

a) tagged

b) uploaded

c) updated

d) blocked

6. I often _______ on my friends’ timelines.

a) unfriend

b) troll

c) comment

d) hide

7. My sister was so upset when one of her friends _______ her for no apparent reason.

a) updated

b) unfriended

c) commented

d) trended

8. That video is hilarious! It’s going to _______

a) go viral!

b) viral!

c) have viral!

d) get viral!


1) c, 2) d, 3) a, 4) b, 5) a, 6) c, 7) b, 8) a.

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