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宅家如何过好假期?看这一篇就够了 7 ways to have a good time spending the holidays at home

中国日报网 2021-02-10 11:00






Game Night 游戏之夜

Game Night is a fun way to spend the holidays at home. There’s so many choices depending on the size of your household and age range of the members. You can never go wrong with card games. Jenga and board games like Monopoly are go-tos for game night as well. Last but not least, video games are perfect for the little ones and teenagers. Show off your dance moves with Just Dance, or your hoop skills with NBA 2K. The kids will be thrilled that you’re playing video games with them!

宅家度假期间可以快乐地打游戏。游戏多种多样,你可以根据家人的数量和年龄来选择。纸牌游戏是最保险的选择。积木叠叠乐和大富翁等桌面游戏也很不错。还有适合小孩和青少年的电子游戏。你可以用舞力全开游戏展示自己的舞姿,也可以用NBA 2K游戏练习你的投篮技术。和孩子们一起玩电子游戏会让他们很兴奋。


Holiday Movie Marathon 电影马拉松

Pick your favorite holiday movies. Pop some popcorn. Bake some cupcakes or cookies, and you’re ready for your movie marathon. You can also choose a different theme if you’re not into traditional holiday movies- like your favorite super hero movies or the Harry Potter series.



Turn Routine on its Head 打乱常规作息

This is especially fun for young kids. Make eggs for dinner or eat dessert for lunch. Wear pajamas all day. Camp out in the living room or backyard. Stay up late. This is still a vacation even if you're at home, so let loose and have fun.





Karaoke Party K歌大会

Karaoke parties are so much fun. Everyone of all ages will thoroughly enjoy themselves. You can end your family holiday dinners with a round of karaoke.



Virtual Family Gathering 线上团聚

You can celebrate virtually with family and friends that you aren’t able to visit or host this year due to the pandemic. Schedule a virtual family dinner and give everyone a chance to state what they are grateful for. After dinner, have a Virtual Karaoke Party and let everyone sing their favorite song. Then end the night with a family performance.



Empower Your Kids 放权给孩子

Each family member takes turns choosing an activity for the day. This may be as simple as a board game or a bike ride. Say “yes” to your kids whenever possible, even to your teenager who wants to spend the afternoon alone in his or her room.



Visit a Faraway Place—at Home 在家“旅游”

Pick a country and spend the day learning about it. Dress in traditional clothing, cook the food and play a game native to that culture. This idea requires a bit more effort, but since your vacation is at home, you've saved some energy by not planning hotels or plane tickets.





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