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chinadaily.com.cn 2021-06-01 15:46

A Long March 7 rocket, carrying the Tianzhou 2 cargo spacecraft, blasts off from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan province, on May 29, 2021. [Photo/for China Daily]

>Cargo ship docks with space station module

Tianzhou 2, a cargo spacecraft launched on Saturday evening, docked with Tianhe-the recently deployed core module of the country's permanent space station-early on Sunday morning, according to the China Manned Space Agency.

A Long March 7 rocket, carrying Tianzhou 2, blasted off from the Wenchang Space Launch Center on the coast of the southern island province of Hainan at 8:55 pm on Saturday.

After entering orbit, the craft began to execute rapid autonomous rendezvous and docking procedures, which lasted about eight hours, the agency said in a statement. Tianzhou 2 successfully docked with Tianhe's rear hatch at 5:01 am.

Next, it is programmed to conduct autonomous refueling operations and carry out some equipment tests, according to the statement.

When astronauts from the Shenzhou XII spacecraft board Tianhe in the near future, they will gradually move living materials and mission payloads from Tianzhou 2 to the core module.

The incomplete gold mask artifact that archaeologists discovered in the No 5 pit at Sanxingdui Ruins in Guanghan, Sichuan province, on Jan 5.[Photo provided to China Daily]

>Sanxingdui Ruins to apply for UNESCO status

The legendary Sanxingdui Ruins in Southwest China's Sichuan province, together with the Jinsha Ruins in the provincial capital of Chengdu, will apply for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status, the provincial government said Friday.

The Sanxingdui Ruins in the city of Guanghan, are dubbed one of the greatest archeological finds of the 20th century.

The site was accidentally discovered by a farmer when he was digging a ditch in the 1920s.

In 1986, a large number of unique relics were unearthed in the No 1 and No 2 pits, arousing global interest.

In October 2019, archaeologists discovered six new sacrificial pits. More than 1,000 significant relics have been unearthed so far.

Luo Qiang, vice-governor of Sichuan, said the construction of the Sanxingdui National Heritage Park and a new museum are being accelerated to make Sanxingdui a world-famous tourist destination.

Mobile video apps including Kuaishou, Douyin, Xigua and Huoshan are displayed on the screen of a 4G smartphone. [Photo provided to China Daily]

>Short videos can be addictive

A recent survey by China Youth Daily found that 60 percent of respondents spend a daily average of more than an hour watching short videos, with 11 percent spending three hours or more on them. Of the 2,017 total respondents, 74.2 percent said reasonable time management is necessary to avoid excessive viewing of short videos.

Short videos can be addictive as social media platforms keep recommending relevant content once a video ends, said Yang Binyan, a researcher with the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

She added that short videos, often showing fragments from day-to-day life, can induce a feeling of social connectedness in viewers.

A total of 73.7 percent of those surveyed said netizens should take part in more offline activities, including outdoor ones, to avoid overindulgence in short videos, while 50.8% suggest such platforms set up an anti-addiction system.

The number of China's online short video users reached 873 million by the end of 2020, accounting for 88 percent of total internet users.

French President Emmanuel Macron is seen on a video screen during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as part of a virtual Plenary Session of the Franco-German Council of Ministers in Berlin, Germany, May 31, 2021. [Photo/Agencies]

>US security agency spied on Merkel

The US National Security Agency used a partnership with Denmark's foreign intelligence unit to spy on senior officials of neighboring countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to Danish state broadcaster DR.

The findings are the result of an internal investigation in the Danish Defense Intelligence Service into the NSA's role in the partnership, DR said.

According to the investigation, the NSA used Danish information cables to spy on senior officials in Sweden, Norway, France and Germany, including former German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former German opposition leader Peer Steinbrück.

The internal investigation in the Danish Defense Intelligence Service was launched in 2014 following concerns about Edward Snowden's leaks the previous year revealing how the NSA works, according to DR.

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