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Digital skills: “You’re never too old to learn!” 数字技能:活到老学到老



Digital skills: “You’re never too old to learn!” 数字技能:活到老学到老


有关 “technology(技术)” 的词汇


Who did Ron contact for the first time in 45 years?


Ron and Jean were married for 56 years, but at the start of the pandemic Jean died of cancer.


Ron Dalton
Three weeks after we got the funeral over with, lockdown came – it couldn’t have come at a worse time.


Stuck shielding at home for months, Ron faced his grief alone until he decided to learn how to video chat.


Ron Dalton
To be quite honest, without my iPad I’d have been totally lost. In my particular position, it is brilliant because I can’t walk, so it’s been a godsend to be able to talk to people, you know, without going out of my house.


He was remotely taught digital skills by local charities in Leeds [in the north of England]. After never having touched a tablet device before last year, he’s now used his to find bereavement counselling and chat to people.


Ron Dalton
At least you’re not talking to faceless people – when you talk to them on the phone, you can’t imagine who you’re really talking to. I’ve got in touch with a cousin of mine in Kent [UK], who I haven’t spoke [spoken] to for 45 years, and I’ve got through to her on Messenger and all you do is press a camera thing and it gets you through. Unbelievable.

“起码在视频聊天时,你不会连对方的脸都看不到,但在打电话时,你想象不出到底是在和谁讲话。我和住在肯特郡的一个表亲取得了联系,我已经45年没和她说过话了,我用通讯软件 Messenger 联系到了她,只需要按下一个摄像头按钮,就能通话。真是太神奇了!”

Laxmi Gopal, BBC reporter
And Ron’s experience reflects a trend among his generation. An Ofcom study found the proportion of over-65s using video calling nearly tripled after lockdown, and the Leeds branch of Age UK says during the pandemic it has seen a doubling in demand for its digital support services among older people.

拉克希米·戈帕尔       BBC通讯员
罗恩的经历反映了他那一代人的趋势。英国通讯管理局的一项研究发现,65岁以上人士使用视频通话的比例是疫情封锁前的近三倍,另外,英国老年人慈善机构 Age UK 利兹分会表示,疫情期间老年人对其提供的数字支持服务的需求翻了一番。

Of course, it is not about replacing face-to-face contact, but simply offering more options.


Lee Potter, Age UK, Leeds
It is about giving people that choice. We’re trying to give people the skills to… and the access to the devices and the connectivity which are all challenges that we face, but if we can encourage people to give it a go so they can see what it’s like and to use it if they need to.

李·波特       英国老年人慈善机构 Age UK 利兹分会

There’s work to be done to ensure wider access to the internet and devices for the older community, but the past year of lockdown has at least encouraged more engagement. And the final thought from Ron on Zoom…

要确保老年群体中有更多人能连接互联网和相关设备,还需要更多的努力,但过去一年的疫情封锁至少鼓励了更多人参与其中。透过视频通讯软件 Zoom,来听一听罗恩的总结。

Ron Dalton
You’re never too old to learn – it’s as simple as that, if I could [can] learn, anybody can.



video chat 视频聊天

tablet 平板电脑

video calling 视频通话

connectivity (计算机等电子设备的)连通性;连接

engagement 参与


He got in touch with his cousin in Kent [UK].



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