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博鳌亚洲论坛将于今年春季举办年会 Boao Forum for Asia to Hold Its 2022 Annual Conference in Spring

中国日报网 2022-01-12 14:49


中国日报网1月12日电  1月12日,博鳌亚洲论坛秘书处在北京召开2022年年会新闻发布会,论坛秘书长李保东介绍了论坛年会筹备情况。

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Secretariat held a Press Conference in Beijing on January 12 for its 2022 Annual Conference, at which occasion Secretary General Li Baodong briefed on the preparation for the 2022 BFA Annual Conference.


Li confirmed that BFA will hold its Annual Conference in spring of 2022 at Boao of Hainan Province as usual, where leaders and government officials of various countries including the host country China, politicians, heads of international organizations, guests from business and academia, as well as the media will gather and discuss the post-pandemic development agenda for Asia and the world. This year’s Annual Conference will be an on-site occasion supplemented with online links. The exact date for the Annual Conference is yet to be released after consultation with the host country.


Li emphasized on the necessity to actively seize and rein the post-pandemic development trend with a forward looking perspective, despite the uncertainty as to when the pandemic would be over. He elaborated that the Global Development Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping has given rise to a heated repercussion in Asia and the whole world. The BFA 2022 Annual Conference will focus on the issues of greatest concern, i.e. the post-pandemic economic recovery and growth issues in terms of green development, innovative development, inclusive development, and collaborative development, so as to promote international solidarity and cooperation, and to drive forward the world economy.


Li explained that the Annual Conference is due to convene in spring although the exact date has to be carefully planned with the situation of Covid-19 pandemic taken into account, and that he’s confident that the Annual Conference will be a success.


Li further introduced the consultation carried out by BFA with the initial countries, Board of Directors, Council of Advisors, members and partners, the academia, and the media for suggestions. He also explained the stand of BFA on the current world configuration and issues touched upon in the following 6 areas.


The Covid-19 Pandemic. In spite of the imbalance in vaccines distribution and although the effectiveness of vaccines has been challenged by virus mutations, the vaccines are still highly effective in resisting the virus. BFA Annual Conference will sum up experience of the world in fighting against the pandemic to narrow down the “immunization gap ”.


World Economy.The world economy has been lifted from the recession caused by the pandemic with a non-balanced recovery momentum. The economic recovery of countries are largely related to the pandemic status and vaccination progress. As a Forum specialized in the economic agenda, the BFA Annual Conference will stick to correlative issues and further probe into the trend of world economy and issues including industrial chain, inflation, etc.


Green recovery and sustainable development. After the severe test from the pandemic, there’s prevailing attention by countries on green, innovative and sustainable development, on peak of carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutralization, and on green and low carboned economic restructuring. Based on consensus already reached, the BFA Annual Conference will put more focus on the path and methodology of going carbon neutral. The UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are facing tremendous challenge due to the pandemic. BFA will also probe ways to promote inclusive development for the world.


Digital Economy.  At present, digital economy is in the ascendant, bringing opportunities to the recovery of world economy. The development China’s digital economy has taken the lead, giving birth to new industries, new business and business models. Eye-catching new technologies and their applications have emerged. Major economies all attach importance to market regulation and anti-monopoly efforts, and are committed to promote the long term and healthy development of digital economy through sectoral regulations. As to how to coordinate policy making for digital economy, how to promote the development of digital economy, how to promote fair competition, and how to protect individual information safety, the BFA Annual Conference will also seek to answer.


International cooperation and global governance. Setbacks in globalization, tension in international relations and among major powers in particular, and increasing global governance deficit are featuring the present world. Technological innovation and public health are constantly politicized, creating blocks for world economic recovery and shared development. In BFA’s consultation with various parties, key words of Solidarity, Trust, Cooperation, and Developments have become a common concern of all parties, who believe that these are what the world really needs. The BFA Annual Conference will appeal routinely for the support for multilateralism and international cooperation, in the view to promote global governance.


Progress of Asian regional cooperation. RCEP takes effect this year, which is a milestone in Asia-Pacific regional cooperation, as well as a boost to the global recovery. Countries in the region voiced their support to free trade and multilateralism with actions. The BFA Annual Conference will explore the opportunities of RCEP and its utilization, so as to deepen cooperation in the region.


Representatives of BFA 2022 Annual Conference partners attended the press conference.


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