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2. 2022年将继续多措并举促消费

3. 公安部:开展打击拐卖妇女儿童行动

4. 国新办发表《2021年美国侵犯人权报告》

5. 研究:新冠疫情加剧全球性别不平等


1. 残疾人体育



Historic progress has been made in parasports since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, a white paper said on March 3. The white paper, titled "China's Parasports: Progress and the Protection of Rights," was released by the State Council Information Office.


我国残疾人群众性体育活动广泛开展(physical activities for persons with disabilities are flourishing),全国性残疾人体育活动风生水起(parasports events are carried out nationwide),残疾人大众冰雪运动蓬勃发展(winter sports for persons with disabilities are on the rise),残疾人康复健身体育服务不断改善(rehabilitation and fitness services for persons with disabilities keep improving)

我国残疾人竞技体育水平不断提高(performances in parasports are improving steadily),残疾人参与体育赛事日益增多(disabled people are becoming increasingly active in sports)。中国为世界残疾人体育运动作出贡献(make an outstanding contribution to international parasports)。我国全面参与国际残疾人体育事务(China is fully engaged in international sports affairs for the disabled),不断加强与其他国家和国际残疾人组织交流合作,增进各国人民包括残疾人之间的友谊。


增强体质 improve physical fitness

尊重和保障残疾人权益 respect and protect the rights and interests of people with disabilities

全民健身运动 national fitness campaign

北京2022年冬残奥会 Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games


2. 促销费

boost consumption


China will continue to promote consumption with multiple measures in 2022 as the country faces downward pressure, the Ministry of Commerce said Tuesday.


商务部部长王文涛在发布会上表示,去年,社会消费品零售总额(retail sales of consumer goods)增长12.5%;其中去年12月份,社会消费品零售总额同比增长1.7%。这显示下行的压力在增大(indicating a pressure of demand contraction)。对于如何发力促进消费稳定恢复,商务部表示,将抓好政策落实。餐饮、住宿,还有零售,对这些行业特别是中小微企业提出了纾困帮扶政策,首要的就是把这些纾困帮扶的政策落实到位(secure the implementation of existing supporting policies for enterprises)

今年,商务部门将在做好疫情防控的前提下,继续组织开展系列促消费活动。比如各种消费节(shopping festivals)和消博会。同时,借助北京冬奥会巨大成功所带来的“冰雪热”、冰雪消费(snow-ice consumption),组织形式多样的冰雪主题消费促进活动。打造消费升级平台(the consumption platforms will also be upgraded)。进一步推进步行街(pedestrian streets)高质量发展,开展智慧商圈等的示范创建。发展绿色健康消费,更好满足人民对美好生活的需要。


消费平台 consumption platforms

智慧商圈 smart business districts

中小企业 small and medium-sized enterprises

供给侧结构性改革 supply-side structural reform


3. 拐卖妇女儿童

trafficking of women and children


A special campaign has been launched nationwide to crack down against the trafficking of women and children. It will be carried out from March 1 to Dec 31, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Public Security.


公安部要求,要集中摸排一批线索,特别是对来历不明的流浪乞讨、智力障碍、精神疾病、聋哑残疾等妇女儿童(women and children with intellectual impairments, mental illness, physical disabilities and those who are vagrants and beggars on streets with unknown origin)要全面摸排,确保底数清、情况明。要深化“百万警进千万家”活动,会同社区、街道和村组深入群众家庭,走访福利院、救助管理机构等,全面梳理排查侵害妇女儿童权益线索(screen out the clues of the trafficking crimes),重点排查疑似被拐人员。

要建立健全举报机制,广泛发动群众揭发检举涉拐线索(a sound reporting mechanism will also be established to mobilize the whole society to expose and report human trafficking)。对疑似被拐人员和寻亲人员,要第一时间采集DNA等信息,加强信息研判(DNA and other key information should be collected as soon as possible),为专项行动提供有力支撑。


流浪者 vagrant

乞讨者 beggar

聋哑残疾人 people who are hearing or speech impaired

亲生父母 biological parents

铲除拐卖犯罪滋生土壤 fundamentally eradicate the ground for breeding the crimes of trafficking

解救受害者 rescue the victims


4. 侵犯人权

human rights violations


China's State Council Information Office on Monday issued the Report on Human Rights Violations in the United States in 2021. The report said the human rights situation in the United States, which has notorious records, worsened in 2021.


报告称,政治操弄导致新冠肺炎死亡病例激增(its political manipulation led to a sharp surge in COVID-19 deaths),枪击事件致死人数再创新高(shooting deaths in the country hit a new record),虚假民主践踏民众政治权利(fake democracy trampled on people's political rights),暴力执法让移民难民的处境更加艰难(violent law enforcement made life harder for migrants and refugees),针对少数族裔特别是亚裔的歧视攻击愈演愈烈(growing discrimination against ethnic minority groups, especially people of Asian descent)。与此同时,美国单边主义行径在全球制造了新的人道灾难(unilateral US actions created new humanitarian crises across the globe)


政治操弄 political manipulation

暴力执法 violent law enforcement

虚假民主 fake democracy

单边主义行径 unilateral actions


5. 性别不平等

gender inequalities


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to reverse decades of progress made towards gender equality, according to a global study that reveals women have been hit much harder socially and economically than men.


华盛顿大学健康指标与评估研究所开展的这项研究发表在《柳叶刀》期刊上。研究显示,最大最持久的性别鸿沟出现在雇佣和无偿劳动领域(the greatest and most persistent gender gap was seen in employment and uncompensated labour)20219月在全球范围内有26%的女性报告称自己失去了工作(loss of work),相比之下只有20%的男性失去了工作。女性辍学(drop out of school)及遭受性别暴力(gender-based violence)的可能性也比男性更高。

该研究的首席作者伊曼纽尔·盖基杜教授称:“这项研究提供了第一份表明疫情期间在健康、社会和经济等全球广泛领域存在性别不平等的全面证据(this study provides the first comprehensive global evidence on gender disparities for a wide range of health-related, social and economic indicators throughout the pandemic)。证据指出,新冠疫情会恶化疫情暴发前就存在的社会和经济方面的性别不平等(Covid-19 has tended to exacerbate previously existing social and economic disparities)。”


女性赋权 empowerment of women

后疫情时代 post-Covid era

性别鸿沟 gender gap


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