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1. 中国生物物种名录2022版发布

2. 2022年退休人员基本养老金上调4%

3. 两办印发乡村建设行动实施方案

4. 世卫:全球猴痘病例继续增加

5. 美小学发生致命枪击案21人亡


1. 中国生物物种名录

the Catalogue of Life China


China has released an updated national species database, known as the Catalogue of Life China 2022 Annual Checklist, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on Sunday.


《中国生物物种名录》2022版,共收录物种及种下单元138293个,较2021版新增10343个物种及种下单元(the checklist of this year added 10,343 species compared with the 2021 checklist,bringing the total number of species to 138,293)。其中动物部分(animal species)68172个,植物部分(plant species)46725个,真菌部分(fungi species)17173个。

“生物物种名录是认识生物多样性的基础数据,只有本底清楚了,才有可能更好地进行研究、保护及进行相关决策(the species checklist provides data basis that is beneficial for biodiversity research, conservation and policy-making)。”中科院生物多样性委员会有关负责人介绍,中国是唯一一个每年都发布生物物种名录的国家(China is the only country that publishes the biological species checklist every year)。


生物多样性 biodiversity

濒危植物物种 endangered plant species

迁地保护 off-site conservation

国家植物园 National Botanical Garden


2. 退休人员基本养老金

basic pension payments for retirees


China will raise the basic pension payments for retirees in 2022, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced Thursday.


人社部、财政部近日印发《关于2022年调整退休人员基本养老金的通知》,明确从2022年1月1日起,为2021年底前已按规定办理退休手续并按月领取基本养老金的企业和机关事业单位退休人员提高基本养老金水平,总体调整水平为2021年退休人员月人均基本养老金的4%(the average monthly payment for pensioners of enterprises, government agencies and public institutions will be lifted by 4 percent from the 2021 level)。

通知要求各地结合本地区实际,制定具体实施方案,把各项调整政策落实到位。要切实采取措施确保基本养老金按时足额发放(governments at all levels are required to come up with practical ways to adjust the pension amounts and disburse the additional funds to retirees as soon as possible)。2021年,退休人员基本养老金增幅为4.5%。


退休人员基本养老金 the basic pension payments for retirees

企业和机关事业单位退休人员pensioners of enterprises, government agencies and public institutions


3. 乡村建设行动

rural construction initiative


China on Monday published an action plan on rural construction. By 2025, tangible progress should be made on rural construction, and continuous improvement should be seen in the rural living environment, according to the document jointly issued by the General Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council General Office.


乡村建设是实施乡村振兴战略的重要任务,也是国家现代化建设的重要内容(rural construction is an important task in implementing the rural revitalization strategy, as well as an essential part of China's modernization drive)。制定出台方案,对扎实推进乡村建设行动、进一步提升乡村宜居宜业水平具有重要指导意义(the action plan will play a guiding role in advancing the rural construction initiative and making rural areas more attractive places to live and work, according to the office)。

《方案》围绕加强农村基础设施和公共服务体系建设,提出了12项重点任务(the document lists 12 key tasks for promoting rural construction),在道路、供水、能源、物流、信息化、综合服务、农房、农村人居环境(road transport, water supply, energy, logistics, informatization, comprehensive services, rural housing and living environment)等方面实施八大工程,加强农村重点领域基础设施建设。


农村人居环境整治提升 rural living environment upgrade

乡村振兴 rural vitalization

农业农村现代化 modernization of agriculture and rural areas

乡村治理 rural governance


4. 猴痘


The World Health Organization said on Saturday that since May 13, it had identified 92 confirmed cases of monkeypox and 28 suspected cases in 12 non-endemic countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Canada and the United States.

5月21日,世界卫生组织称,5月13日以来有12 个未流行猴痘病毒的会员国报告了92 例实验室确诊病例和 28 例疑似猴痘病例, 包括英国、西班牙、葡萄牙、加拿大和美国等。

1958年, 猴痘病毒首次在实验室猴子身上发现(it was first detected in laboratory monkeys)。1970年,中非国家刚果(金)发现首例人感染猴痘病例,是一名9岁男孩。现在,该病毒被认为起源于包括灵长类、啮齿类动物等在内的野生动物(the virus is now believed to originate in primates, rodents and other wild animals),全球大部分病例发生在中非和西非地区(central and western Africa)。

猴痘感染者的症状类似于天花患者, 但通常比天花感染者的症状轻很多(the virus can cause a disease with symptoms similar to, but less severe than smallpox)。大多数猴痘感染者会出现发烧、疼痛、打寒战和皮疹(fever, body aches, chills and rash)等症状,且2-4周内会自愈,但严重患者也会死亡。近期,它的病死率预计为3%至6%(an estimated fatality rate of around 3 to 6 percent)。

人从动物感染猴痘病毒主要是通过接触感染动物的血液、体液、皮肤或粘膜损伤。猴痘病毒的人际间传播(human-to-human spread of the virus)主要是因为密切接触了感染者的呼吸道分泌物(respiratory droplets)、皮肤损伤(lesions)或最近被病人体液或病变材料污染的物品(contaminated materials)而造成。


天花 smallpox

烈性传染病 fatal infectious disease

开发诊断方法和试剂 develop diagnosis methods and testing kits

输入性病例 imported cases

切断传播途径 cut off its transmission


5. 校园枪击案

school shooting


Nineteen children and two adults were killed Tuesday morning at a Texas elementary school by an 18-year-old gunman who was killed by responding officers at the scene, state officials said. The shooting was at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.


这是美国近十年来发生的最致命校园枪击事件(the nation's worst school shooting in nearly a decade)。2012年12月14日,康涅狄格州纽敦桑迪胡克小学发生枪击案,曾造成20名儿童和6名成年人死亡。当地时间24日晚,美国总统拜登就得州小学枪击案发表讲话,他在讲话中质问,“我们什么时候才能站起来反对枪支游说团体(When are we going to stand up to the gun lobby)?”

拜登表示,为了对得州尤瓦尔德市罗伯小学枪击事件中的受害者表示哀悼(a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence),白宫以及所有公共建筑、军事基地和舰艇、海外领地及使领馆等将在5月28日日落前降半旗(the flags will be flown at half-staff through Saturday at the White House, public buildings, military installations, and embassies and consular offices abroad)。


枪支暴力 gun violence

枪伤 firearm-related injuries

枪支管控措施 gun control measures

大规模枪击事件 mass shooting


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