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>Google asks workers to share desks

The logo for Google is seen at their office in Manhattan, New York City, New York, US, Nov 17, 2021. [Photo/Agencies]

Google workers, already rattled by the largest layoff in the search giant's history, now face another indignity as the company ends some of its leases on unused office space: desk-sharing.

The move affects employees who work for Google Cloud, the Alphabet-owned unit's data storage product, at the company's five largest offices.

Workers will share their desks with their colleagues, the company confirmed on Thursday.

Googlers are permitted to work from home a few days each week, so many desks sit empty when only a fraction of staffers are doing their jobs from the company's offices.

Google spokesperson Ryan Lamont said the move is meant to improve "real estate efficiency".

Google is working to ensure its real estate investments are aligned with its needs in the era of hybrid work.

Savings in real estate will allow Google to invest in the Cloud division’s growth, the company claims.

Workers will be matched with a partner with whom they will share a workspace.

Pairs of workers are expected to report to the office on alternate days to ensure a desk is free, with employees asked to work from their shared spaces at least two days a week.

Google said it is implementing the change based on feedback from employees.

In January, Google said it would slash 12,000 jobs, or roughly 6 percent of Alphabet's workforce, amid widespread tech industry layoffs.

Company executives also said Google expects to incur costs of roughly $500 million related to shrinking its real estate footprint.

> Japan-born giant panda returns to China

This photo taken on Feb 19, 2023 shows giant panda Xiang Xiang at Ueno Zoological Gardens in Tokyo, Japan. People flocked to Tokyo's Ueno Zoological Gardens to see Xiang Xiang on Sunday, the final day for public viewing for the beloved five-year-old female giant panda before her return to China. [Photo/Xinhua]

Female giant panda Xiang Xiang arrived at the Bifengxia Giant Panda Base, a giant panda research and breeding facility in the city of Ya'an, Southwest China's Sichuan province, at 9:50 pm on Feb 21.

Hundreds of people waited outside Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo to take photos, wiped their eyes with handkerchiefs and wave at a white truck carrying Xiang Xiang as it slowly drove past them on its way to the airport.

Others trooped to Narita International Airport to say their last goodbyes as a plane carrying Xiang Xiang took off.

Xiang Xiang was born at Ueno Zoo in June 2017 to Shin Shin (female) and Ri Ri (male), two giant pandas on loan from China.

She was originally scheduled to travel back to China by the end of December 2020, but her return was postponed multiple times due to her popularity in Japan and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Xiang Xiang” was very popular in Japan, and many were sad to see her go.

Among the tourists who came to visit on the 19th, many said goodbye to “Xiang Xiang” during the prescribed visit time of 2 minutes.

To commemorate the return of “Xiang Xiang” to China, the Japanese department store Matsuzakaya Ueno store is holding a “Xiang Xiang” photography exhibition by panda photographer and “Daily Panda” blogger Gao Shi Guibo.

The exhibition features 920 photos, selected from the 100,000 he took.

The photos on display record the 920 days when he visited “Xiang Xiang” from December 19, 2017 to November 27, 2022.

A Japanese tourist who visited the exhibition said she loves “Xiang Xiang” just like her own child.

“Thinking that Xiang Xiang is about to leave Japan, it would be nice if I could take another look.”

Xiang Xiang was escorted by two zoo staff members on the flight to Chengdu.

She was in good health and relaxed during her departure at the airport, where she ate her favorite snacks of bamboo shoots and apples, the Ueno Zoo tweeted.

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