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> Memphis Zoo preps for Ya Ya’s trip home

Ya Ya plays in her play yard at the Memphis Zoo on Feb 14, 2023. [Photo/IC]

After the Memphis Zoo’s agreement for the giant panda Ya Ya’s custody expired on April 7, the bear was handed over to Chinese experts onsite to monitor and care for her before she returns to China.
随着“丫丫”合同到期时间4月7日的到来, “丫丫”回中国前的起居生活全部移交给中方专家。

Ya Ya will stay at the zoo until the end of April.

The zoo held a farewell party for Ya Ya to wish her a safe trip home at the end of this month and to celebrate the 20-year partnership between the zoo and the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens.

Memphis Zoo CEO and President Matt Thompson noted the zoo's contract with the Chinese association had expired and they are discussing follow-up cooperation.

After returning to China, Ya Ya will spend more than a month in Shanghai in quarantine before taking up residence in a new home at the Beijing Zoo.

Sun Quanhui, a scientist at the World Animal Protection Association, said Ya Ya will turn 23 years old, which means the giant panda is entering old age based on average lifespan.

Sun suggested after returning home, Ya Ya will face a completely new living environment which may be uncomfortable for her after living abroad for nearly 20 years.

"During this time, tourist disturbances should be minimized as much as possible and delicious food and a suitable living environment should be provided to help her quickly adapt to her new surroundings.”

> TOEFL to be shortened, streamlined

A poster for TOEFL test is displayed at the China Education Expo in Beijing. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The Test of English as a Foreign Language will be shortened from three hours to less than two starting July 26, test administrator ETS announced in Beijing on Tuesday.

As a result, TOEFL will have streamlined instructions and navigation.

A new "writing for an academic discussion" task will replace the previous independent writing task.

There will be a shorter reading section, and all unscored test questions will be removed.

ETS plans to add more afternoon test sessions after July 26 to accommodate test takers' needs.

Test takers who have already registered have the option to reschedule their test for free if they would like to experience the new version.

The TOEFL score scale and requirements will remain the same.

> Justice demanded for boy fatally shot in car

Officials arrive at the scene of the deadly shooting in Louisville on Monday. MICHAEL CLEVENGER/AP

Hundreds of people gathered at the Alameda County Courthouse in Oakland, California on Monday to demand District Attorney Pamela Price bring justice to the three men charged in the death of Jasper Wu, a Chinese-American boy.
当地时间4月10日,上百名各界人士聚集在美国加州阿拉米达郡法院门口,要求地区检察官帕梅拉•普莱斯秉公执法,严惩杀害华裔男童Jasper Wu的三名凶犯。

On Nov 6, 2021, Wu's mother was driving home with her family. When she was on the highway, she was caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout. Jasper, who was just shy of his second birthday, was killed by a stray bullet.

Three men - Trevor Green, Ivory Bivens, and Johnny Jackson - were charged by former Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley with offenses including murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle.

Price, who took office in January, has issued instructions to her colleagues to sentence people convicted of felonies more lightly and to reduce the number of combined sentences.

Protesters expressed concern the suspects in Wu's killing will be treated leniently, although Price has announced she has not made any decisions about what charges to pursue.

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