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> Post-95 boy cooks door-to-door as part-time job
“懒人经济”市场火爆 95后小伙周末兼职上门做饭

A 2022 consumption survey by domestic consulting firm Zhimeng showed that nearly 80 percent of an undisclosed number of respondents born after 1995 said that they used smart appliances for household tasks, while 75 percent of them relied on services to save time on cooking and cleaning.

Such a demand has created a niche market dubbed the "lazy economy" that includes anything from smart home appliances to precooked meal delivery services.

Recently, a video of a post-95 designer in Shanghai
door-to-door cooking part-time on weekends has sparked concern among netizens.

Data by Meituan showed that searches for "door-to-door cooking" rose by 533 percent over Oct to Dec in 2022.

Door-to-door cooking is akin to hiring a chef at home who offers clients anything from festive dishes to daily meals, with users claiming that it costs between 66 yuan and 88 yuan for up to four dishes. Most part-time chefs are young or middle-aged.

Many young people are
outsourcing the decluttering of their homes to professionals.

Compared with traditional housekeeping and cleaning services, organizing services bring a customized solution, albeit at a higher price.

Cleaning robots have emerged as one of the most popular forms of this type of technology, with sales reaching 11 billion yuan in 2021, up by 17 percent from the previous year, according to market consultancy AskCI. 

Such robots have a higher level of autonomy and come with features that automatically fill themselves up with water and also wash and dry the mop. The product is a true liberation for our hands and body.

The robust demand has lured a large number of enterprises to enter the sector in recent years, with sales for precooked meals during last year's "Double Eleven" shopping bonanza doubling from the previous year.

China currently has an estimated 64,000 precooked food related enterprises, and the market is expected to reach more than 1 trillion yuan in 2026, according to market consultancy firm iiMedia.

> What's “Double Spring and Leap Month”?

Most people have heard of the term "double spring and leap month" and
know that it's a sign of good fortune and a great month for loved ones to get married. But what exactly is this month?

The moon takes about 29.5 days to revolve around the Earth, so the lunar month is sometimes 29 days, sometimes 30 days.

From that, a year is about 354 days. But we all know a year is about 365 days
as the Earth returns to its original position in that period of time.

There is a difference of 11 days between the lunar and solar year, which adds up to about a month over 3 years.

Many people think that the Chinese calendar is one based on the movement of the moon, but this is only half correct.

The Chinese calendar uses the movement of the moon around the Earth to determine the length of a month, but it also makes reference to the position of the Earth relative to the Sun to mark the year.

The setting of the leap month is a way to fill the gap of days between the solar calendar and lunar calendar in one year, which is usually 11 or 12 days, so as to make sure the four seasons fit within the months.

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