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Environmental artists begin Dartmoor moss-growing project 英国环保艺术家启动达特穆尔苔藓栽植项目



Environmental artists begin Dartmoor moss-growing project 英国环保艺术家启动达特穆尔苔藓栽植项目


What helps capture carbon and prevent flooding? Moss.                     


The peat it eventually forms stores the carbon below ground and the plant can hold 20 times its own weight in water.


The Art and Energy Collective have been finding creative ways to engage the public in protecting this Dartmoor habitat with their art project: How to Bury the Giant.

艺术与能源社团(The Art and Energy Collective)一直在通过艺术项目来寻找创造性的方法,以吸引公众参与保护达特穆尔的这片栖息地,项目名称是 “如何埋住巨人”。

Chloe Uden, The Art and Energy Collective
"The climate emergency is the giant of our times, and so we've developed this project that's looking at moss, which is an amazing plant that sequesters carbon and forms peat, and it builds up layers of earth. And we thought, ah, peat is kind of burying all of that carbon. So, mosses bury the giant."

克洛伊·尤登       艺术与能源社团(The Art and Energy Collective)
“气候紧急状态是我们这个时代的重大问题,因此我们开发了这个针对苔藓的项目,苔藓是一种神奇的植物,它可以封存碳、形成泥炭和一层层的土壤。于是我们想:原来泥炭存住了所有吸来的碳。所以,苔藓埋住了碳这个 ‘巨人’。”

The project has been using the wool of nearby sheep to create a sort of nest to grow sphagnum moss in. It helps the plants to get established without being washed away. More absorbent moss means less flooding downstream, but their ambitions are much bigger. It's hoped this project could change how the public engage with the moor.


John Howell, Owner of Harford Moor on Dartmoor
"It's helping people to understand the importance of this environment and how to treat it responsibly."

约翰·豪厄尔       达特穆尔哈福德高沼地的主人

An art exhibition created by the public will bring the story of moss to life。


Emma Ruminski, BBC Spotlight
"Soon the public should be able to come up here and try painting or drawing the moss for themselves or maybe even replanting some of this very important habitat."

艾玛·鲁明斯基       BBC Spotlight 栏目主持人



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