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如何正确使用 right?



“Right” 是一个高频词,它的用法有很多。名词 “right” 的意思是 “右边”。形容词 “right” 除了有 “对的” 和 “右边的” 意思,还有哪些常见含义和用法?看视频,学一学。 


1 用形容词 “right” 表示 “对的,正确的”。

She helped the little boy who was bullied. She did the right thing.

Well done! You got the answer right.

2 用形容词 “right” 表示 “合适的,恰当的”。

I think Sandra is the right person to run the community project.

Are you sure you've set the oven at the right temperature? 

3 用形容词 “right” 表示 “右边的,右侧的,向右的”。

The right side of the picture is brighter.

His right leg was hurt in the accident. 

4 与上面的形容词相对应的,名词 “right” 可以表示 “右侧,右边”。词组 “on the right” 的意思是 “在右边”。

To go to the bank, take the third road on the right.

My manager was sitting to my right in the meeting. 

5 形容词 “right” 还可以表示 “健康的;(运行)正常的”。

I don't feel right. I might be sick.

This computer isn't right. I think it has a virus.

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