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单词 common 怎么用?



形容词 “common” 是个非常 “common” 的英语单词,意思是 “常见的,普遍的”。名词短语 “in common” 的意思是 “有相同的(兴趣或经历)”。在英式英语里,名词 “common” 可以用来指什么?看视频,学习单词 “common” 的用法。


1 “Common” 作形容词用,可以表示 “共同的,共有的,常见的”。

John is a common name in the UK.

My friends and I have a lot of common interests.

2 形容词 “common” 还可以表示 “经常的,普遍的”。

It's common to make a roast dinner on a Sunday here.

Hot weather in the summer is common in many European countries.

3 在英式英语中,名词 “common” 用来指 “公地,共享草地”。

I used to play cricket on the village common.

We spent the afternoon walking the dog on the common.

4 名词短语 “(have something) in common” 表示 “有相同的(兴趣或经历)”。

I love English, and, if you do too, we have that in common!

We have a lot in common. That's why we are best friends. 

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