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单词 potential 怎么用?



“Potential” 既可以作名词,也可以作形容词。名词 “potential” 可以用来指人的 “潜力,潜能” 和事物发生的 “可能性”。那么形容词 “potential” 怎么用?看视频,用一分钟时间学习单词 “potential” 的用法。


1 名词 “potential” 可以表示 “潜力,潜能”。

He only started the job this year, but he has a lot of potential.

This recipe has potential. It could be perfect if you make some small changes.

2 名词 “potential” 还可以表示 “可能性,潜在性”。

These chemicals have the potential to cause lung damage.

There is potential for further housing developments in the area.

3 形容词 “potential” 的意思是 “潜在的,可能的”。

Potential customers are waiting for the price to fall before buying it.

Be careful near the ocean! There's potential danger.

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