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Engage 的常见用法



动词 “engage” 的意思都与 “和他人互动” 有关。比如,动词 “engage” 可以表示 “使(某人)感兴趣” 或 “聘用”;在正式语境中,动词短语 “engage in” 指 “参与(活动)”。看视频,学习 “engage” 的四个常见用法。


1 用 “engage” 指 “吸引住(某人),使(某人)感兴趣”。

You really know how to engage people – you're really interesting!

As an experienced presenter, he's very good at engaging the audience. 

2 用 “engage” 表示 “雇佣,聘用”。

We've engaged someone to help us with our accounts.

We had to engage a team of 20 cleaners to clean the building. 

3 用动词短语 “engage in” 表示 “参与,参加(活动)”,这是一个正式用语。

She liked to engage in extreme sports.

He denies engaging in any criminal activity.

4 用动词短语 “get engaged” 表示 “订婚”。

He's just got engaged – he's really excited!

She is getting engaged to her former colleague.  

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