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The capybaras taking over social media 水豚成为网红明星




The capybaras taking over social media 水豚成为网红明星


Why are capybaras taking over the internet again?


Videos of these friendly rodents have had millions of views worldwide on TikTok.

这些友好的啮齿动物的视频在 TikTok 上的浏览量已达数百万次。

But did you know there's a group of capybaras who call west London their home?


Maisy Gee, Zoo Manager
"Come on, guys! They're kind of like toddlers – they really like brightly coloured food and sweet foods. Their favourite would be sweet potato and carrot."

梅茜·吉    动物园管理员

At Hobbledown Heath in Hounslow, you can see the internet sensations for yourself.

在伦敦豪恩斯洛的 Hobbledown Heath 主题公园,你可以亲眼看到这些网络明星。

Maisy Gee, Zoo Manager
"So, we've got André, this one. Then we've got Cory here, and then this one's Sonny. So, Sonny's really easy to tell the difference of because he's kind of the lightest colour and he's the smaller. Then Cory is the biggest and the most confident. They are so sweet. Everyone loves it. That's one thing all the ages have in common. They come away loving the capybaras."

梅茜·吉    动物园管理员



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