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> China battery firms lead market

Visitors look at models from BYD, a Chinese auto manufacturer, during an event ahead of the opening of the Munich auto show IAA Mobility 2023, on Monday. LEONHARD SIMON/REUTERS

Chinese companies continued to dominate the global power battery market in the first seven months, responsible for over three-fifths of battery installations worldwide, said a report by South Korean market consultancy SNE Research on Wednesday.
韩国市场研究机构SNE Research近期发布一份报告显示,1-7月中国企业在全球动力电池市场占据绝对优势,全球动力电池装车市占率超过60%。

South Korea followed with three firms and Japan with one.

Specifically, Chinese battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd maintained its leading position with total installed capacity of 132.9 gigawatt hours, up 54.3 percent year-on-year. Its global market share stood at an impressive 36.6 percent.

Chinese EV maker BYD ranked second worldwide at 58.1 GWh, up a whopping 94.1 percent year-on-year.
中国电动汽车制造商比亚迪以58.1 GWh电池装车量位居全球第二,同比增长94.1%。

South Korea's LG Energy Solution followed with 51.4 GWh.

China's CALB, EVE, Gotion High-Tech and Sunwoda were also among the Top 10.

Zhou Mi, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation in Beijing, said: "The notable performance of Chinese battery companies can be attributed to rising demand from major overseas consumer countries for renewable energy and new energy vehicles. Also, local companies have made great technological advancements in lithium battery manufacturing."

Currently, more than 10 Chinese power battery companies have announced plans for overseas investments.

> Why is extreme weather becoming more common?

A firefighter puts out flames burning in Capaci, Sicily on Wednesday, where two people were found dead on Tuesday in a home burned by a wildfire that temporarily shut down Palermo's international airport. Regional officials said 55 fires were active on the island amid above 40 C temperatures. ALBERTO LO BIANCO/LAPRESSE/AP

Under the influence of global warming, extreme weather events such as heat waves and floods may become Europe's "new normal" in summer and have increasingly affected the European population, economy and nature, the European Environment Agency said in a recent report.

Between 1980 and 2021, weather- and climate-related extremes caused economic losses estimated at $606 billion in the European Union, while nearly 195,000 fatalities have been caused by floods, storms, heat and cold waves, forest fires, and landslides, the agency said.

Many other regions across the world have also experienced record-breaking temperatures and precipitation patterns, leading to disruptions in agriculture, infrastructure damage, and threats to human health and safety.

Qu Sixiao, senior project manager of the global consultancy Roland Berger, said extreme weather events are caused by the overall climate change, and the core reason for climate change is excessive greenhouse gas emissions from human activities since the industrial era, which surpassed the capacity of the environment.
罗兰贝格国际咨询管理公司高级项目经理屈思啸指出,极端天气事件背后的成因其实还是地球整体的气候变化,而造成气候变化的核心因素是人类自工业时代以来的过度温室气体排放,超过了环境的承受能力 。

Climate change has two main impacts, he said. On the one hand, it contributes to the rise in global temperatures, which, in turn, leads to increased sea levels, melting of polar ice, and so on.

On the other hand, because of global warming, certain areas are experiencing a significant increase in extreme weather events, including intensifying temperature variations, enhanced precipitation, and a rise in severe storms or hurricanes.

The threat posed by climate change is indeed urgent, and it is a positive step that more than 190 parties have signed the Paris Agreement with a goal to combat climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees above preindustrial levels, and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees.

Nearly 150 countries and regions worldwide have made commitments to achieving carbon neutrality.

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