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chinadaily.com.cn 2023-12-08 14:43


> Chinese diplomats applaud Uygur actress Dilraba's ethnic dancing

Uygur actress Dilraba Dilmurat's stunning ethnic dance performance in Croatia captivated audiences both domestically and internationally, earning praise from Chinese diplomats.


Dilraba has been widely praised by netizens as a true representative of Xinjiang, and through her, the world can see the shining confidence of young Chinese people as well as the beautiful Chinese ethnic culture.


A video clip that is being widely circulated online showed that when the host asked her to describe the dress she was wearing, Dilraba said it is a beautiful Etles dress from Xinjiang, in China.


"Dilraba, wearing Chinese Xinjiang clothing and dancing Xinjiang dance, is shining brightly," Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson from the Foreign Ministry wrote while posting the clip on Sunday.


The Chinese Embassy in Croatia, the Chinese Embassy in Argentina, and some other Chinese embassies, as well as Xue Jian, the Chinese Consul General in Osaka, also shared the post.


> Oxford University Press names 'rizz' as word of the year
牛津大学出版社评选 2023 年度词汇:“Rizz”夺冠



Oxford University Press (OUP), publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, named “rizz” the word of the year for 2023.


Rizz is defined as style, charm or attractiveness, or one's ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner.


It's often associated with younger generations and is widely used online.


“Rizz was chosen by the language experts at OUP as an interesting example of how language can be formed, shaped, and shared within communities, before being picked up more widely,” OUP said in a press release. “It speaks to how younger generations create spaces ­— online or in person — where they own and define the language they use.”


OUP said it's likely that more words derived from social media and internet culture will be used in everyday language over time.


Words and phrases are being shared via social media and catching on so quickly that they are surpassing previous linguistic trends and are becoming mainstream much quicker.


“The spike in usage data for rizz goes to prove that words and phrases that evolve from internet culture are increasingly becoming part of day-to-day vernacular and will continue to shape language trends in the future,” Oxford Languages President Casper Grathwohl said in a statement.
牛津语言(Oxford Languages)总裁卡斯珀•格拉斯沃尔(Casper Grathwohl)在一份声明中表示:“Rizz一词使用量的激增证明,从互联网文化演变而来的单词和短语正日益成为日常用语,并将继续影响未来的语言趋势。”


OUP said the word is believed to be a shortened form of the word charisma, taken from the middle part of the word.


Similar examples include refrigerator becoming fridge and influenza, commonly called flu.


Rizz can also be used as a verb. To “rizz up” means to attract, seduce or chat up a person, OUP said.
Rizz一词也可以作为动词使用,牛津大学出版社表示,“rizz up”意味着吸引、诱惑或搭讪某人。


OUP said the word reached its peak popularity in June of this year after actor Tom Holland was asked in a Buzzfeed interview about his rizz, to which he said he had “no rizz whatsoever.”
牛津大学出版社指出,该词的使用量在今年6月达到了顶峰,当时演员汤姆•赫兰德(Tom Holland)在Buzzfeed采访中被问及他的rizz时,他表示自己“一点儿也没有rizz”。


The dating app Tinder also introduced a “rizz-first redesign” this year in an effort to bring in more younger users.


“It has been incredible to see the public once again enjoying being a part of the Word of the Year selection,” Grathwohl's statement said. “Witnessing thousands of people debate and discuss language like this really highlights the power it has in helping us to understand who we are, and process what's happening to the world around us.”


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