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>Three juvenile suspects in the killing of junior high school student in north China approved for prosecution



Three juvenile suspects in the killing of a junior high school student in north China's Hebei Province have been approved for prosecution after the case was reviewed by the Supreme People's Procuratorate, according to a statement by the Hebei Provincial People's Procuratorate issued on Monday.


On March 10, a first-year junior high school student surnamed Wang from Feixiang District of Handan City was killed. All three suspects involved in the case were apprehended on March 11.The procuratorial authorities have attached great importance to the case and, in accordance with the law, joined the early stages of the investigation.


On March 21, the public security bureau of Feixiang District submitted for approval of prosecution to the procuratorial authorities which, after reviewing the case, determined that the three suspects, who were surnamed Zhang, Li and Ma, and between 12 and 14 years old at the time of conducting the crime, intentionally killed Wang, resulting in his death. Due to the heinous nature of the crime, the suspects should be held criminally responsible, according to the statement.


The statement said the procuratorial authorities in Hebei Province then reported to the Supreme People's Procuratorate for approval of the prosecution of Zhang, Li and Ma. The procuratorial authorities will rigorously handle cases in accordance with the law while effectively fulfilling their legal supervision duties. Furthermore, they will increase efforts to prevent and address juvenile delinquency, according to the statement.


>Postgraduate candidate rejected by Nanjing University after allegedly torturing cats caught in public opinion after attempting to transfer to Lanzhou University



A candidate who was rejected by Nanjing University supposedly for torturing cats was once again caught in a storm of public opinion and sparked heated discussion after he recently applied for a transfer to Lanzhou University.


Many netizens left messages on the official Weibo account of Lanzhou University to suggest that the university maintain appropriate standards for postgraduate enrollment, with many saying that candidates with moral issues should not be enrolled in any course.


The candidate, surnamed Xu, had scored the highest among all the candidates in the written exams for the professional courses of the major which he applied for at Nanjing University. However, he failed to pass the interview component of the postgraduate entrance exam after netizens exposed online that he had allegedly engaged in torturing cats.


Before the exam results were announced, several netizens filed complaints to the university that Xu had serious character issues and had filmed himself torturing cats at his university dormitory at the School of Civil Engineering of Southeast University where he finished his undergraduate studies. Netizens said that he also joined an online group who abuse cats for fun.


A faculty member of Nanjing University said on April 3 that Xu failed the second-round exam, noting that the university applies comprehensive criteria when it comes to enrollment and Xu’s cat-abusing behavior could also have some impact on the university’s assessment.

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